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Is Make2D really the only option for getting 2D vector graphics out of Rhino?

I have a perspective view of a building that I’ve tried to run Make2D (current view, no hidden lines, tolerances and display precision adjusted, only selecting polysurfaces) on a couple times, but after 30 mins I’ve given up.

Is a simple 2D line drawing really this hard to generate?

Does an autosave during the Make2D processing cause it to stop?

Please see image of the project below.



Yes, pretty much for what you want.

You might want to try the V6 WIP, Make2D has been considerably improved.


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Thanks for the reply. I have downloaded V6 and have tried some tests in there too. It’s better, but doesn’t deal with seems like a major deficiency.

I can see why a 4 view Make2D should take a while to compute, but why does a simple “Current View” wireframe take so long? It’s a workflow killer in my view.

Is there a way that “Current View” setting could be improved seperate from the 4 view developement?


How long is it taking? There may still be bugs in the operation that can be squashed or something that can be optimized. Can you post or send in your file?

This page is for V5, some of the technology has changed so all might not apply, but you might try some of the stuff on it and see if it helps.


I’ve tried something in V6 as suggested by @Willem.

Use ExtractRenderMesh, then run Make2D on the mesh.

It’s waaaay faster!



Can you send me a model? ( or How long is it taking? I have been working to improve performance but I need to see cases that aren’t working.


I’ve uploaded the model. I didn’t time things to the second, but it seemed as if the meshed version was about 75% faster.

What would be the “plain english” but technical explaination of this?


Thanks for the model. I am working on an optimization now that should speed up cases like this.

Great news. Thanks for your work on this!


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RH-36149 is fixed in the latest WIP