Import DGN file with references

Hi, apologies if this has been answered previously.

We are currently working with Microstation DGN files. They open just fine and work well, but none of the references in the DGN file are imported, and as far as I can tell, there isn’t an option to do so.

It would be useful if there was an option to import references the same way you can insert blocks, and for a dialog to come up when opening the file.

Any advice other than manually importing them all?

Can you please send us a small, simple DGN file with a couple of these “reference files”?
We need an example that opens correctly in Microstation but not in Rhino.
Then we can see if the DGN file reading library we use supports these reference files. If it does, we may be able to improve the reader.

Zip up the files and send them to and please reference this URL: Import DGN file with references


On the pile:


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Thank you! It’s an awesome thing to be able to contact you guys and know that issues can be fixed. Much appreciated.

Edit: Although I just clicked on the link to the issue posted above and it can’t seem to find it :sweat_smile:

I tagged it incorrectly. It’s visible now.

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Great, that fix helps me too!

Any word on the two year old original issue from this thread?

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Hm yeah it did get kind of side tracked, sorry about that, my fault I’ll split this to a new topic, … I do not know if that is possible, reading in references - but there is a bug track item for it now.

@Ben_B the developer is looking now, into what might be needed to do this - it may or may not be something we can do in the near future.


RH-54202 is fixed in the latest WIP

That’s awesome, thank you!

Will let you know how it goes in terms of bugs, but that’s really a great help!

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