V6 Goal: True PDF Export

Its a custom display mode based on the standard ‘Technical’.

Using raytraced and arctic modes they did not render correctly either. The CaptureBitmap completes prior to viewports rendering properly. I need a function to wait or pause whilst the viewports render and complete the pipeline.

Failing that is there a way to mimic an event such as pan within the viewport?


I have been trying to persevere with the script, focusing on seeing if I can force the viewports to redraw in shaded mode.

Before I got into the depths of System.Windows.Forms and mouse control I thought I would use rs.GetReal() to allow the user to pan and hopefully redraw in shaded mode.

The detail views seem to only redraw if the user zooms or pans…

If I use rs.GetReal() in a script it appears the rendering of the shaded viewport is not invoked if a script has not completed .

See script cycling through to second page layout, the viewport does not render correctly even though the user can pan.

Can someone give me some pointers in forcing an event argument for UI control to mimic that a script is finished or in a normal context and the viewport must redraw in shaded mode?

Alternatively @stevebaer will the bug with the RhinoPDF export in Rhino.FileIO.FilePdf.DrawBitmap be fixed?

Can you help point me to the discussion of this? There are 153 posts in this thread and I’m having trouble refreshing my memory :slight_smile:

Hello Steve,

The link to the post is here.

Hi there,

I used this and it didnt work. I want to batch print A1 layout. But using this, I got the error - The pdf is reported “the dimensions of this page are out of range”. I suppose it’s the view capture settings problem. I used this method like what you did above

ViewCaptureSettings (RhinoPageView, Double)

But it seems it didnt capture the exact layout. But how can I specify it to capture the exact layout in 1:200 scale or capture the layout “scaled to fit”?


Do anyone have an update on the layer implementatation when printing?
I know that it’s not the highest priority though, and in myjetbrain it is set to normal.
Would be nice to get an inside update on it =)
We do really need it since our PDF contains much information for the production to handle.

best regards

Hi @socken, this thread is 157 messages long and I’m not exactly sure what specific request you are referring to. I can make assumptions and at least tell you that we haven’t done any work in the area of supporting layer information in PDF export yet and most likely won’t add anything in the near future.

Do you have a sample model I can try to repeat this with?

Thanks Steve,
That answered my question

Hi Steve,

As mentioned before, it is because my pageview is 1 to 1 so when printed, the pdf has the page out of range error. It needs to be printed at 1:200 scale. I tried to do so by setting PageWidth and PageHeight. However, this seems to limit the pdf document size only but not scaling down the drawing.

I attach Rhino and Grasshopper here. I used C# in grasshopper instead of Python in Rhino because it’s easier for me to test out things but they are basically similar to your python script. Hope you dont mind this. Thank you!

TestPrintRhino.3dm (167.2 KB)
TEST printPDF.gh (4.3 KB)

Hi Steve,
Just to clear out, this is what I asked for when asking for layer support in the Rhino PDF:

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RH-37721 is fixed in the latest WIP


Thanks for the info, grate news!
But since it’s probably some time until release of rhino 7, is it possible to have it included into Rhino 6 as well? there are IT restrictions in company not letting us manually install programs. And telling IT department every 30 day that they have to reinstall WIP on 11 computers is something that I don’t want to be in charge of =).

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Sorry, but no. This is a new feature which took considerable time and effort to implement. It also has not had time in the community to get feedback on what may need to be changed.

Thanks for implementing this! will vector printing from shaded mode/pen be supported in V7?

At the moment the only way to do this is use visualArq which is $800 and I’d only be buying it for that 1 feature :grimacing:

No, sorry that project is beyond the scope of what we are working on for V7

Thanks for the quick response @stevebaer without wanting to sound too impatient can I ask why that is?

…i’ve been hanging out for this since V5 and have seen multiple times on this forum that it was on the shoe-in list for V7. I appreciate it’s probably nowhere near as simple as it seems and requires some other feature to be overhauled… but i’m just perplexed as to how 2 guys from Barcelona were able to come up with the magic view mode that enabled this feature years ago?

VisualArq comes with it’s own caveat of bugs so the sooner i have to stop paying for it the better…

There are a lot of things we would love to implement, but haven’t completed yet. I think the V6 version of VisualARQ will continue to work in V7.

I’m working in RhinoWIP and I don’t understand why the results of Print and Export in .pdf format are so different?
Thank you in advance!
Print PDF.pdf (110.2 KB) Export PDF.pdf (7.1 KB)

Thanks @stevebaer ! I really love the native PDF API! But is there a problem with Unicode characters that get displayed in Rhino but don’t print to PDF? Text characters disappear when printing to Pdf?