WISH: Prevent sublayers list from unfolding

I got very tedious work to do and one change in Rhino could make it less frustrating.

Every time I move layer and make it as a sublayer of another layer, a huge list of layers unfolds.
Every time I got to scroll and fold it back. I need to make it more than 100 times. Rather frustrating.

Could it be this way, that after moving layer, list of layers stays folded? The top layer could be selected, so if I made it by accident I will not be lost completely. Does it make sense?

Well, it is kinda hard for me to describe it. The best will be if you check the video it shows how repeatable process this is and removing one obstacle could shorten this process by more than a half.


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On the Wish list:

I just tested the fix for this and it seems good here.
Later this week, when the new WIP comes out, please test it on your files.
You didn’t supply one so my testing was rather limited, but it seems to be fixed.
Dragging a layer with sub layers to a new location, or under another sublayer, no longer expands out all the sublayers user it. It stays collapsed.


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RH-58824 is fixed in the latest WIP

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Thanks for that improvement. I appreciate that small change.

If I would be picky, a little pity, that this feature wasn’t added:

Dragging is a very unprecise move. Highlighting the top layer, after nesting one layer underneath, could show us what just happened and inform us if we made the right move.

Anyway, thanks a lot again!