Copy/Paste of a Block Instance also caries Document User Text?

I saw this come up in this post but it seemed to have gotten buried. It appears that when a user copies a block instance from one model to another, it brings with it all the DocumentUserText with it.

Is this intentional? A lot of plugins use this to store data, and bringing this over with it can not only cause bloat and delays, but confusion for the plugins in the target model.

Hi Michael - it is deliberate but under review:


Thanks Pascal.

I’d love to see some movement on this year old issue. IMO, the copy/paste default behavior should not include doc user text. I’d prefer a new command Copy Special command that allows the user to include more things to copy with it, including Document User Text.

Could this kindly be fixed and released in a Rhino 6 update, instead of having to wait another 4+ years for Rhino 7?

RH-48141 is fixed in the latest WIP