Text preview too large compared to the rest of UI


Is it possible to scale down the text in the edit text window? It is almost 5 times larger than the rest of the UI texts, which makes it inconvenient to edit.

@Alain what ever happened to the fix for this?

Hi - we are currently working to make this the same size as the rest of the UI.

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Hi @wim,

Also the stacking brackets button is not working, also could you please make those things wysiwyg in the editor, and a power button could be very useful.

Thank you!

p.s. text is still too large

Hi Bogdan -

I’m not sure what that means. It seems to be working here.

That’s probably a tall order but I put it on the list as RH-60231.

This one is on the list as RH-35493.

That’s correct - RH-50317 is still being worked on. This thread should get a notification when it gets done.

I’ll make a video. I’m searching for a good and clean screenrecording app. Any suggestions ? :slight_smile:

I was able to copy-paste the symbols from the charmap. ² ³ ½

Hi @wim here’s a video with the stacking brackets button not working

RH-50317 is fixed in the latest WIP

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Thank you very much! I will now switch to V7 for my day to day work…


Hi Bogdan -

The way this works is like this:
2020-09-24 Stacked Dim

You need to select a fraction.

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ok, a little bit counterintuitive :slight_smile: