"Rhino WIP Missing Fonts" message shown when sending Open file command through COM

I am sending commands from a remote application using RhinoScript through the COM to automate some file operations on a list of files. In the recent Rhino 7 WIP, sending an “-_Open” file command triggers always seems to trigger a “Rhino WIP Missing Fonts” warning appears whenever a file is opened.

I have verified that the files I am working with contain no annotation objects or missing fonts. When I open the file manually in Rhino 7 WIP, it opens normally without a warning.

This Missing Fonts message appears only when I open the file through a command sent through the COM. Any suggestions on how to suppress this message? The automation was working in the past but it is now appearing after a more recent WIP install.

Here is an example file that triggers the message when opening through a sent command…UnitizedCurtainPanel-Block-Glass-15b88bb8-6299-4a1d-9cf7-9559b4f60635.3dm (16.8 KB)

Thank you for the report. The bug has been added to our issue tracking system.

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@archinate1 - What specific version of V7 do you see the message in?

The complaint was about a dimstyle in your file that uses a font called ArialMT. It’s probably even from the same ttf file we have installed, but spelled differently in the V5 file you sent. Do you see that info if you look on the command line when you get the warning?

Read 1 annotation style that references 1 font that is not installed on this device.
Annotation style referencing a missing font:
Inch Decimal / Arial Regular [ArialMT]
Missing font:
Arial Regular [ArialMT]

Beyond that, I suppose the best thing to do would be to make it possible to turn off that warning. It’s there because people complained about reading files that used fonts they didn’t have and getting the glyphs substituted without them noticing, or in some cases, not seeing any text.

After some more investigation, I see that reading a V5 file reads dimstyles very slightly differently depending on how the read is initiated.
I don’t have a solution for this problem yet.

Hi @lowell and @dalelear
Thanks for the replies. I am using 7.0.20126.10465, 5/5/2020

The “Rhino WIP Missing Fonts” message occurs only when I attempt to execute the “-_Open” command remotely via a COM connection to Rhino 7. Rhino 7 WIP doesn’t show me a message when opening the file using the normal File > Open or when running the open commands via the command-line manually. The warning seems isolated to when I open the file in through a COM workflow.

For some additional context, the V5 file attached here is a temporary file created through some automation processes with OpenNURBS. The workflow only recently starting giving us trouble with V7 in the last few weeks.

Hi, Nathan,

Lowell figured out what the problem was and we’ll have it fixed in next week’s Rhino WIP.

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Thanks @dalelear! I’ll look for it!

RH-58472 is fixed in the latest WIP

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Looks like that did the trick! Thank you all!