SUBD merge faces annoyance

Currently, when merging faces the command leaves the resulting merged face selected.

If you want to use the command repetitively to merge other faces, you need to either select faces or edges but the selected face is not taken into account. So you need to first deselect it.

Could you please make it so it is deselected after it is merged?
That additional click is really annoying.


Hi, Ivelin,

Thank you for pointing out this workflow problem. I’ll look into in the next few weeks.
I’ve added this issue to our bug tracking system:

– Dale Lear

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Hi @dalelear and @ivelin.peychev
I hate to be contrarian, but more often than not, I like the resulting face to be selected. I would usually want to modify the resulting surface - move, extrude, scale or similar - right awqay. I guess it’s one of those things, where different work methods requires different options.


Thanks for weighing in Jakob. Your reasons are why I left the result selected. I’m mulling over the idea of a persistent one click toggle option (SelectMergedFaces=yes/no). This would allow the user to configure the behavior and change it as needed. The downside is that it makes default behavior depend on an option and that has issues with training and reliable scripting. In this case, scripting is probably not a critical issue.

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Hi @dalelear
I’m a big fan of persistent toggles in commands. As for scripting, the scripters wil just have to set the switch in their scripts - I don’t imagine that’s a big deal. I can see that adding persistent toggles on older commands can mess things up, but all the sub-d commands are still new(ish), so the amount of scripts floating around must be relatively low. And also a big thanks for the hard work being but into the sub-d tools and kernel - I really like it a lot!

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Semi-related workflow issue:

If you subobject select some SubD faces and delete them, Rhino automatically selects the edges of the hole after you delete. This means that if you are trying to make more than one hole in a subD, you have to de-select every time you’re done making a hole, or the next time you control-shift click on a face, the edges of the previous hole will be part of your new selection, and when you delete the new hole, you’ll expand the previous hole.

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Thanks Max. That’s a good point and I’ve added an issue to the bug tracking system to look at this in the next few weeks.

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Both of the changes discussed above will be available in the April 21, 2020 Rhino WIP.

For MergeFaces I added a persistent Results=Selected/NotSelected option. I don’t like the option name, but I’m guessing an option name like SelectResults might be confusing? ( )

For Delete I simply removed the selection of the boundary around the deleted faces. We don’t select boundaries when mesh or polysurface faces are deleted. I thought selecting the SubD boundary might be useful because I was guessing that a command to fill or extrude the boundary would be the next thing to happen, but it is pretty easy to pick the boundary in that situation. ( )

In any case, please give it a try when the WIP ships tomorrow and let me know if the changes address the workflow problems you all pointed out. Thank you for the input and please continue to help us make SubD tools more useful and less annoying.


RH-57976 is fixed in the latest WIP

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