Blocks edit

I have a model that I bought that has blocks. I would like to edit it, but getting message
:“Unable to edit non-uniformly scaled block instances” Is there a way find the controlling block?

yes is it possible.

  1. take the block objectname
  2. insert (_insert) a new instance of block objet in your model
  3. edit the new block .

good luck

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That work perfectly

your welcom :wink:

Hi SMC2,
I have one model with Hundred instances non-uniform scaled and i simply need to change the material inside the block. DO you have a solution to me too that of course i can’t reinsert all of the instances?

Hi Roy - you should be able to just insert a new instance - which will be uniformly scaled (1:1) - and BlockEdit that one to change the material. That should then update all non-uniformly scaled instances in your document.
Does that work?

RH-57957 is fixed in the latest WIP

Thanks both,