Text Entitiy CreatePolySurfaces returns Null Value

I’ve been using TextEntity CreatePolySurfaces() function to create volumes of Texts.


Sometimes (and the Error is not allways occuring, even if the input is the same) some of the letters are returned as null value.

I don’t really know why. When does this function return a null value. Is this a bug?


A little Update,

apparently the

  • CreateCurves
  • CreateSurfaces
  • CreateExtrusions
    Functions works for the “null” values:


Hi @MartinIC, I have just run into the problem with both CreateSurfaces and CreateExtrusions. It is particularly tricky because of the intermittent failure. Did you ever manage to resolve it?

The only workaround I have at the moment to generate each char individually and then splice together, but I’d prefer to avoid going that route.

Hi @tom_makin,

Can you provide a model and/or source code, that I can run here, that isn’t working the way you want?


– Dale

Hi @dale,

I’ve put together a minimal repro here:

Here is a screenshot when I run this code from inside a c# RhinoCommon plugin.

Hi @tom_makin,

The sample was really helpful - thank you. I am able to repeat the issue.



– Dale

Excellent, glad it was helpful.

For anyone else who encounters this bug, I found that single character generation to be stable. I offset each TextEntity.Plane in a loop using the bounding box of the previous char.

RH-59680 is fixed in the latest WIP