Import just one layout


I cannot seem to find a way to import just one layout from a file.
There is no provision to deselect all but one layout.
Or an I missing something?


Hi @Willem,

if you use _-ImportLayout (using the hyphen in front) it seems to ask which page number to import from the commandline if multiple layout pages are in the file. Does that help ?


Ah Thanks Clement!
I’ll pass it to my colleague who missed it.


i’ve been testing in V5, in both V5 and V6 i get this dialog when using _ImportLayout (no hyphen):


Indeed that’s what we get, yet with 30+ pages it’s a huge hassle to uncheck all others but one
With the hyphened version there is only reference to the page number which is cumbersome for other reasons.

@Pascal, I’d say a RMB to check just one box like with selection filters and such would be ideal?



Hi Willem - Got that, thanks.


Public service announcement: this works! Right-click to select only one layout.

Further improvement for all the other slow folks out there like myself: add a little help text in the dialogue to let folks know this feature exists. Also, a larger dialogue (so I can see more/all of the layouts at once) would be much appreciated.

Thanks for that! It’s the first time I hear of that :sunglasses:

I’ve made a few YTs…

  • RH-57251 - document the feature in the help file
  • RH-57253 - implement the feature on the Mac platform
  • RH-57252 - allow resizing the dialog box on the Windows platform


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RH-57252 is fixed in the latest WIP