Multi-face extrude with different normals

Is there a way to extrude multiple subd faces, in different normal directions, at the same time, in vanilla v7 wip?

subd pipe snake:

select some faces gumball extrude only goes one direction of course manually gumball extruded each face with distance input

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Thanks, this one is filed already as … SubD support for Extrude is still needed. The workaround now is to use ExtractControlPolygon and use Extrude with the Basis set to UVN, then make the SubD from that. I’ll add your vote, thanks.


It would be nice if this also had a keep faces together option toggle (for mesh also).

and to be able to scale multiple faces locally at the same time (like inset but without creating new faces)

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hi @BrianJ i test this method but it looks like( to SubdD)have bug? to convert extract control polygons mesh to subd?

to subd bug.3dm (339.3 KB)

add my vote as well.

Can you add 10 more votes for my team on this one please? Thx.

How many more votes do you need @BrianJ? Need us to run a signature drive? :slight_smile:


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Because it needs a keep faces together option that we can turn off (reference the maya video). Looks like your example, because the faces stay together, creates non manifold connections at the corners which probably cannot convert.

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I added all the votes. I agree it would be useful.

Yes, I think this will solve that issue when it can be worked on. In the meantime do that third face by itself to avoid the non-manifold edge.

RH-49859 is fixed in the latest WIP



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I might be dumb, but I can’t for the life of me find out how to extrude multiple polygons seperately.
Furthermore the new option to extrude along “per face” normals is buggy/inconsistent.

See examples:

with this selection everything works as expected.

What happens with this selection? Polygons are merely moved along normals, no extrusion.

I think there should still be an option in the command line - Together and Separately

Thanks, that result is due to the single shared vert/edit point between those top two faces. If you used Inset first and then ExtrudeSubD with the new UVN basis and normal direction, you can do what you’re after. I have filed the issue as as well.

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I agree, this is currently a request on Inset