Rhino Service Release Candidates

Service Releases fix bugs, improve stability, and add SDK features for programmers. We will release Service Release Candidates frequently so you can give feedback. You must have a valid license for Rhino in order to get Service Release Candidate builds. BETA releases will not update to release candidates.

To subscribe to Service Release Candidates, follow the platform-specific instructions below.

Rhino for Windows

  1. Start Rhino
  2. From the Tools menu, click Options
  3. In the Options dialog box, click Updates and Statistics
  4. From the Update Frequency drop-down box, select Service Release Candidate
  5. Click OK

Rhino for Mac

  1. Launch Rhino for Mac.
  2. Navigate to Rhinoceros > Preferences > General
  3. In the Updates section, from the Update Frequency drop-down box, select Service Release Candidate
  4. Click Check Now

Please report any problems with Rhino in this forum.

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Dots per inch, Printing
Issue exporting text from Rhino to AutoCAD
[v6] No colors for Point Clouds?
Group bug, added everything into one group
Move face to an inward point (with normal constrain) moves the face to the opposite direction
Modify Display Mode Surface Edge Thickness
Rhino 7 Subdivision Surface Project
Display Text object from Cluster
Can't load Rhinoscript - again
Slow canvas UI (with multiple elements)
Text Rotation Issue?
Rhino 6 SR30 Release Candidate Available
Slow canvas UI (with multiple elements)
Slow canvas UI (with multiple elements)
Rhino 6 Help Request
Rhino3dmIO, wrong bounding boxes from annotation objects
Reducing Python Script Editor Window blackens the Grasshopper Editor Window
Curve Display Error
Unable to to toggle different "Feature Types" from the dropdown menu. (Grasshopper)
Possible bug? post effects in the rendered image screen process only for a few seconds
Array around crv.. wondering why this happens?
Help: Saving toolbar on dropbox causes error message
Graphics problem?
Bug report: panel icons are partly hidden after customizing the icon bar
IsPointInside of Rhino3dmIO seems to fail completely
Set Icon broken in latest SR candidate?
Eto Window.Icon property raises "handle is invalid" exception in Rhino 6 SR26
Small 3dm file won't open
Text command causes Rhino to crash each time
Rhino 6 Service Release 28 Release Candidate Available
Rhino 6.14 still clipping plane ignores blocks?
Stuttering rotations while moving cursor on viewport
"Mesh split plane" component fails
Rhino3dmIO Geometry.Leader Plain Text empty
Is -SelLayer with wildcard broken on Rhino 6?
[Bug?] Joining this mesh create multiple clone objects
OpenInEditor() opens material child texture in Textures panel, not Materials panel (v6 & v7)
Rhino 6.14 still clipping plane ignores blocks?
Rhino 6: Solids in Blocks do not shade Fills
Assign material to brepfaces
Set Greville Points(c++)
Step import consistency issue
Mesh point inclusion test reports unexpected result
Bug: exporting nested block doesn't add instance reference
Rhino 6 Service Release 26 Release Candidate Available
Rhino Sketchup export triangulating surfaces
Text created by Rhino.AddText in Italics bug
Leader bug and system hardlock
RhinoScript AddLeader returns NULL
Crash at Make2D command (problem with Rhino.DocObjects.Custom.UserData?)
Surfaces in blocks print differently than on their own?
Rhino 6 - Slow save to network location
ExtractPt on preselected CTRL+SHIFT points on PointCloud
AngularDimension set DefPoint bug
Transparent background screencap - edges also transparent?
Rhino 6 Service Release 25 Release Candidate Available
Rhino 6 Service Release 24 Release Candidate Available
Display-Bug with Blocks after Update
Display-Bug with Blocks after Update
Rhino 6 Service Release 23 Release Candidate Available
Layer name looses focus
Ground plane texture problem
Rhino 6 Service Release 22 Release Candidate Available
Rhino 6 Service Release 21 Release Candidate Available
Linear dimensions in Rhino 6
Text height doesn’t remember last input
V6 Text Command
Brep.ClosestPoint strange result
SmartTrack in V6
Document User Text "Date Modified" Broken?
Rhino 6 Service Release 21 Release Candidate Available
Unit conversion broke changed? Vb scripts no longer work
How to see control-points/polygons properly when surface modelling?
Control points/polygon: how to see it through a surface?
Rhino 6 SR20 Release Candidate Now Available
Technical display: Silhouettes fail in orthographic view
SolidWorks import problem
Importing Solidworks 2019 files :-(
Rhino 6 and WIP load nothing from a 42Mb sldprt file
Block Editing problem
Consistent Populate Geometry Crash
Printing shaded views - surface edges color incorrect
Vertical dimension orientation not consistent
Rhino 6.19 Release Candidate 1 Available
How to optimise GHPython OBJ export?
Match > Curve to Surface - Should it work more like BlendCrv?
MoveFace and MoveEdge Block
Can you help? Duplicated materials instead of shared
What rhino commands do you use on a regular basis and think others don't know about?
_SeBox feature improvement
Display Optimizations in 6.17
I can't use FilePdf.DrawPolyline
Rhinocommon DisplayMode Change Event
Bug? of Rhino6 Mac beta(Reading STL file)
Bug: PropertyListBox
Rhino 6 Service Release 18 Release Candidate Available
PDF line weight became heavy after Rhino 6 update to SR17 (6.17.19189.16411, 8/07/2019)
Display Optimizations in 6.17
BoxEdit Bug
Rhino 6 - text defaults to Arial
Rhino 6 mac Beta
Rhino 6 for Windows Service Release 17 Release Candidate Available
Rhino 6 for Windows Service Release 17 Release Candidate Available
Edges don't print on this block
Bug: Control Points vanish when selected
Selecting in shaded view
Cast/Receive Shadows problem
Rhino web browser 'too old to work on this site'
Text Field Values - Export
This font was crashing rhino
Pipe cap bug when preselecting both open and closed curves
Rhino 6 for Windows Service Release 17 Release Candidate Available
Rhino 6 for Windows SR 16 Release Candidate Available
Paint Glossyness is not working in latest patch Rhino6
Rhino 6 - text defaults to Arial
Show Zebra Stripes During Dynamic Draw? (C++)
Rhino 6 for Windows SR 16 Release Candidate Available
Rhino 6: 3DMBAK option off, but still 3DMBAK files
Problem adding new mesh to document
EtoCollapsibleSection crashes Rhino
Joining Meshes became super slow in recent V6 builds : (
Rhino6 NurbsCurve Weights Bug?
Help: Rhino.Geometry.Mesh.CreatePatch() questions
Rhino6 dimensions strange behavior when stretched
Export Pdf with controllable point object size
Surfaces in blocks print differently than on their own?
Surfaces in blocks print differently than on their own?
Rhino.AddAlignedDimension doesn't use Anno Style
Double clicking on text over hatch
R6 crashes when editing anno style name
RhinoScript TextObjectJustification wrong for values of 4 an 7 in Rhino 6?
Chr(10) adds a space after new line
Rhino 6 SR 15 Release Candidate Available
Text modifying latest update
SKP import missing materials
Cycles Shader Node UV is flipped
Latest update usertext doesn't work!
RS: ViewDisplayModeProperty settings don't last
Layout Technical view sometimes includes stray curves from unselected objects
ReEdit: More issues- Draworder when PDF print
STEP file imports but geometry is distorted
Rhino 6 SR14 Release Candidate Available
Latest update broke rs.BrowseForFolder
ETO "ShowModal" fail after SR 13 canidate update
Rebuild Curve causes Rhino 6 to crash in new SR
Rotation using Degree Minute Seconds
Rhino 6 SR13 Release Candidate Available
Layout preview geometry bug with Grasshopper (Rhino 6 SR12 2018-12-17)
Disgusting line end bleeding
Rhino6 Make2D Third/First Angle projection doesnt compute the perspective viewport as parallel
Sweep 1 Rail - Simple Sweep option removed in RH6?
Rhino 6 SR12 Release Candidate Available
V6 rendered mode - I really don't get it
RhinoScript crash on importing multiple ViewDisplayModes
Troubles with text
Make2D not working properly - Rhino 6 Windows
UserDictionary.Set( string key, Plane val);
Make2D and linked Rhino files
[Rhino6] Add view: no anti-aliasing and performance hit
Rhino 6 SR11 Release Candidate Available
Rhino 6 BETA - not displayed objects in viewports
Rendering Reflection Colour Cast - Corruption?
Question on RH6 usability, again
ViewCaptureToFile of Raytrace still slow
Raytrace Display Render -- Capture To File Not Working?
Rhino 6 Niggles..any ideas? Cycles and sizes and circles
Raytraced - when scaled - comes out white
Compiled .ghpy input tree access error
V6 - duplicate material? (from Layer Material panel) - Layer Materials Mess
brep.MergeCoplanarFaces out of tolerance
Rhino 6 view capture not remembering settings
Clipped Edge display: an issue wherever the section is drawn
Rhino 6 SR10 Release Candidate Available
Rhino updater changed my installation path
Yesterdays V6RC asks for license
digitize_Faro.rhp error
Rhino crashing when editing text
"Document User Text" tab doesn't open
Blank Floating Windows
Usertext panel not rendering
Light from Sun and Rectangular LIghts Dim in Rhino Render
Rhino 6: menu "Panels/Macro Editor" seams not to work
Crash when using Dot display
Rhino 6.5 bug - crash on exit
Crash when using Dot display
Rhino 6 SR9 Release Candidate Available
Button in edit dimension style box (partially) off-screen
-_SaveRenderWindowas not saving alpha channel
RhinoPDF and default setting with a new layout
STEP Importer Broken in Latest RC
(V6) Antialiasing change?
Graphic bugs in rhino 6
Rhino 6.7 cannot import WRL (Virtual Reality Modeling Language) files
Crashing: Ghpython component crashes Rhino when autocomplete kicks in on type hint Surface?
Bug Annotations - Rhino 6.7 - Scaling
License expired in advance
Remove small holes of many selected breps
Rhino 6 SR8 Release Candidate available
Rhino crashing when editing annotation styles
VRML 2.0 no longer importing reliably
Rhino 6 SR7 Release Candidate Available
Rhino 6 SR7 Release Candidate Available
Rhino 6 SR7 Release Candidate Available
Rhino 6 SR7 Release Candidate 3 Available
More info about Timer component?
PDF print color still broken
Rhino 6 SR7 Release Candidate 2 Available
Text height as no effect
Dimension value in properties
Linking views
Help files without internet access?
V6 point (.txt) import and export changes from V5 which I think are bugs
V6 point (.txt) import and export changes from V5 which I think are bugs
VRML 2.0 no longer importing reliably
Printing Crashes Rhino (always)
Unroller curves have no length
Rhino.UI.Dialogs.ShowContextMenu checked state bug
Project tangent to surface does not result in correct surface boundary in Rhino 6
Linetypes in Paperspace Bug
Surface normals different while editing blocks
V6 - Weld Vertices not working
Raytraced mode slowness
Stop cycles by code
Cylces performance degraded in this wip
Rhino 6 SR6 Release Candidate Available
Bug Report: Layer States lost after V6 round trip
I need help! I so much want to like Rhino 6
Editing a linked block wipes out everything
Problems using Visual Studio V15.5.6
Rhino 6 (licensed and latest version february 2017 ) Print to PDF Option Results in 1kb empty File
Rhino 6 SR1 Available
Rhino 6: Settings continuously reverted back to default
Big bug in Rhino panels, SR1
Opening large step files takes a very long time
GHPython Editor Design Feedback
[RhinoCommon] CommitChanges will revert a custom mesh object to normal mesh object
Export textured mesh files to obj
Problem with RhinoCommon GetSubObjects
[RhinoCommon] CustomMeshObject - how to use RecordHistory?
Bug Report: Colored Dots Linetype curve prints black
FBX export failure (light)
Renaming Objects with Rhino3dmIO
Holomark 2 Released!
Isolate gets me dollars
Getting the viewport clicked in via mousecallback
ChangeSpace and blocks?
Bogue rhino script
Rhino 6 SR1 Available
Layer name sort order
V6 Options>Files Allow copy/paste to V4?
LayerTableEvent when deleting a layer
DrawSprite WorldLocation
Rhino 6 bug - focal blur
mesh.GetConnectedVertices problem
I've upgraded my license for Rhino 6 but keep running eval version
Rhino 6 SR5 Release Candidate 1 Available
Last used printer not remembered
rs.ComboListBox broken?
Subtraction component changes tree structure
Enhancement request for the recent files tiles
RhinoCommon: Sorting of curves in HiddenLineDrawing
RS OpenFileNames returns nothing, can not select multiple files
Rhino.UI.OpenFileDialog.ShowOpenDialog with MultiSelect=True not working
[RhinoCommon] SaveFileDialog does not handle Filter correctly
Complex number multiplication error in GH R6.4 SR4 and 7WIP
Minimum Leader Length
Rhino 6 SR1 Available
Why some materials don't preview on rendered mode in RH6?
Dialogs.ShowListBox does not consider the selected item
Permanently turn off annotation scaling & history warnings
Graph Mapper grasshopper 6 conic
Rhino 6 bugs
Missing Text saving V6 back to V5
Bug Copy and Paste in Blocks
Rhino 6 SR1 Available
Rhino 6 needs license after Rhino 7 installation
Bad STEP import V6 correct V5!
Can't run v6, retail or beta. Error message states "VCRUNTIME140.dll is missing"
Possible bug with BooleanDifference method
[RhinoCommon] CustomMeshObject - how to use RecordHistory?
Redraw and Layers panel
Materials ID in Collada export
Rhino 6 SR4 Release Candidate Available
Bug in rs.ExplodeMeshes
Timer Component Bug: Exception "Scheduled solution must have a delay of at least 0ms"
Texture mesh display issues
Searching in the V6 Python editor help
UVW map exporting to FBX
Cycles - Edges bleeding
Rhino 6 Windows - problem importing some 3ds models
V6 Bug: Changing current Layer is too slow
V6 Text mask as background not working
Gumball not moving Ghosted Block object in one view and disappearing like ghosts
V6 Bug: coerce3dpoint
Rhino 6: _BlendCrv not joining edges anymore like in Rhino 5
Sort Annotation Styles
Rhino 6 / Dimension Problems
R6 Bug: extract mesh part
How to get the source of a referenced object?
UVW map exporting to FBX
Mesher bug - per object mesh doesn't respect values defined in template
Dimension history bug
Mesh UV export problem
Rhino 6 bug - ShowEdges command does not work in Rendered display mode
Placeholder Material
Spurious warning message when running a modified script
Rhino 6 SR3 Released
How edit materials of linked blocks in the assembly file?
PDF Printing Troubles
rs.SurfaceEvaluate, when derivative=0 does not work
TextTag problem
Text command not working in V6
Rhino 6 several bugs
Text Command Bug
PDF Printing Troubles
Scroll bar, accept, and cancel in V6's Block Edit dialog box
Rhino 7 Service Release Candidate Available
Two easy view questions
"Text" is extremely slow
Bug - Automatic spell checker in Text properties freeze cpu
Updating linked block resets Annotation Scaling
Problem with printing trimmed pictures
Unroller misbehaving unpredictably
Rhino 6 Service Release 31 Release Candidate Available
How to kill your project file? (Dangerous Bug!)
Rhino_Script won't load
Rhino_Script won't load

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