Rhino 6 SR10 Release Candidate Available

Rhino 6 SR10 Release Candidate 1 (6.10.18275) is now available.
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Bugs Fixed:

  • Annotation:
    • Dim ObjProps - Clicking User arrow with no blocks in the file removes arrows. (RH-48700)
    • Dimension text display wrong with 2 dims of different distances (RH-48701)
  • Annotation: Leader: Text changed to “” too easily (RH-48702)
  • BoxEdit: The preview jumps all around when you are transforming objects individually. (RH-48648)
  • ClippingPlane: Clipping intersection is not updated in Wireframe mode (RH-37609)
  • Display:
    • Baked object shows wrong texture mapping while being dynamically transformed (RH-48738)
    • Closing options dialog makes display think AdvancedTexturePreview state has changed (RH-48251)
  • Eto: TextChangingEventArgs.NewText and OldText crashes (RH-48678)
  • File IO: Import raster pdf (RH-47521)
  • Properties:
    • Create a flow layout panel style control to use with the new Object Properties Panel (RH-48601)
    • Create flow panel layout for icons on the eto object properties dialog (RH-48621)
    • Macro for render color (RH-48462)
  • RDK: Assert triggered in RDK when about to add bitmap texture (RH-48736)
  • Rendering: Materials: Layer material issues (RH-48421)
  • SubDFromMesh:

Rhino 6 SR10 Release Candidate 2 (6.10.18279) is now available.

Bugs Fixed:

  • Annotation: Resize the dimension editor (RH-44975)
  • Annotation: DimLinear: Can’t change Linear Dimension’s arrowhead (RH-48636)
  • Cycles:
    • Larger then viewport captures with Raytraced are blank (RH-44181)
    • Sometimes result in blank or black image (RH-45147)
  • Display:
    • GH drawing in block previews (RH-48603)
    • Technical modes with shadows on produce a rectangle artifact (RH-42875)
  • Localization: German macro editor won’t open (Needs testing in SR10) (RH-48705)
  • NamedView: Restoring multiple named views only shrinks the viewport (RH-46089)
  • Rendering: Materials:
    • Layer Material dialog takes too long to appear (RH-48717)
    • Linked block materials do not update after edit (RH-44908)
  • SDK: Brep.MergeCoplanarFaces out of tolerance (RH-46914)
  • SDK: Python: rs.ObjectsByType doesn’t use ‘state’ parameter properly (RH-44476)
  • Sketch: Make it ignore ortho and gridsnap (RH-48709)
  • SubD: SubD to NURBS - Gaps at dart vertices (RH-31322)
  • Templates:
    • Problem with Default Annotation Style Length Unit Setting In Some Templates (RH-45791)
    • Problem with Inch Fractional Annotation Style Length Unit Setting In Some Templates (RH-45792)

Usability Problems Fixed:

  • Templates: Default justification for Text and TextObject incorrect (RH-44045)

Rhino 6 SR10 Release Candidate 3 (6.10.18288) is now available.

Bugs Fixed:

  • Display:
    • Curve display incorrect on microscopic curve (RH-44360)
    • Incomplete clipping plane intersection In the Display (RH-46205)
  • Geometry Core: Add Rhino TestCorruption command that testing .NET managed breps and meshes for corruption that causes crashes in Rhino. (RH-48729)
  • Make2D:
  • NamedView: Create view from widget ignores ortho (RH-42090)
  • OpenNURBS: Make it easier to use the C++ opennurbs pubic library in Visual Studio (RH-48727)
  • Rendering: Materials: Rendered mode materials not showing after OBJ import (RH-48761)
  • SDK: RhinoCommon:
    • Get Broken History Warning state? (RH-48311)
    • GroupTableEventArgs doesn’t provide access to the effected group (RH-48233)
    • SDK RhinoCommon FileSettings.AutoSaveFile setter no longer working? (RH-48721)
  • Scale: Default scale factor as distance units (RH-48698)
  • ViewCaptureToFile: Remember resolution setting in scripted version (RH-48689)