Problems using Visual Studio V15.5.6


I have downloades the Community version of VS2017 V15.5.6 and the Rhino SDK rh61sdk_6.6.18037.134441.msi.
After Installation I’ve tried to start a new PlugIn in C++.
The project templates for RH6 Plug-in and Skil DLL can be used in VS2017.
But after selection of Plug-In, VS2017 reports a problem finding the PropertySheets of the SDK and no project is created.
Seems that the Path for this files is not added to VS2017.
Do I need to use a different version of VS2017 or the SDK ??

Best regards


Hi @jort,

Make sure you follow these instructions.

– Dale

Hi Dale,

i think i do the installation correctly.
The problem seems to be in the Registry. When I
create a new project with the PlugIn-Template it creates a
vcxproj-File with

$([MSBuild]::GetRegistryValueFromView(‘HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\McNeel\Rhinoceros\SDK\6.0’, ‘InstallPath’, null, RegistryView.Registry64))

But the installation of the SDK creates a Registry-Entry


So I have created the “6.0”-Entry by hand and now the NewProjekt-Wizard
and the PropertyManager is working !!


Hi @jort,

Thanks for reporting this.

– Dale

RH-44063 is fixed in the latest Service Release Candidate