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@johnc, @andy,

testing here with the latest daily build (9/13) - looks like “dancing materials” bug has been fixed indeed, but there is one more thing that misbehaves. When you either duplicate the layer or match layer properties, on the first click on the new layer material, the “make unique” yellow field doesn’t show up (which is when it is most needed). You have to close it and reopen to see the dialog. Recording below, for your reference.

Also, please see my post above with another bug in “Floating Editor”. Not sure if you can replicate that on your end but here it always jumps to wrong material.



Hi Jarek,

I have just committed two fixes. One is for the Floating Editor glitch and the other is for the ‘make unique’ yellow tip. Thanks for reporting these.


Hi John, thanks for a quick fix for all of these!

@Jarek, please let me know if, after testing them, you think the issues have been properly fixed. I’ll then mark the YT item accordingly.

Sure, I will report as soon as I get the build with the changes (last night’s still didn’t have it I believe).


Your believe is valid.

Hi John @johnc, I have just checked the latest build with fixes. Sorry! still not 100% there, I think :slight_smile:

  • Floating editor - fixed.

  • Duplicate Layer - copy works well and shows yellow “duplicate” message OK. Now, when I make the duplicate copy of material, the first time I click on the original layer material, it shows the yellow “duplicate” box, while it should not, since the duplicate has been created and no other instance should exist in the scene. On second viewing all works OK

  • Match Layer Properties - the original problem of not showing yellow box persists on the matched layer (on the first try, further clicks show it properly). Also, after making a duplicate, the original still showing the yellow box on first try still happens in that case as in layer duplicate.

Here is the visual:

@nathanletwory, @johnc - one more find: in LayerMaterials editior, the thumbnail geometry does not stick.
When changed, next time we open the same material it resets to the “fancy” one. Per-object and general material editor seem to work OK and remember what the preview thumbnail uses. I am trying to set “Sphere” as typical layer material thumbnail, so it sticks.

thank you,


Hi @johnc,

I uploaded a file to Tech@mcneel to your attention. It’s a sample file that over here when clicked on any layer material, takes good 3-4 seconds before the material dialog shows up. This does not happen in V5. I wonder if that is a part of the optimizations you were working on. This lag makes it difficult to work since we need to access layer material a lot in the process.



And one more: editing layer material color: Viewport updates in real-time (nice, even though a bit slow on heavier files). Now when “OK-ing” the color change, objects with that material “blink” (redraw) showing the old color, then redraw again with the new updated color.
On simple scenes this is really quick, but in heavier ones, multiple redraws on simple action slow things down a bit and make working cumbersome. Hope this can be fine-tuned as well !

Hi Jarek - I moaned about, I mean pointed out, this blink as well, and John said it is really hard to fix…


Hmmm, in a “simple box” file, I have this one quick blink, which is not a big deal.
But in the files I work on sometimes it looks like I get multiple redraws (blinks) before Rhino “settles” into OK-ing the material color change in the Layer dialog. With heavy scene that takes a few extra seconds. Each time.
Looks like John dove deep into fixing these issues recently, maybe fixing that became somehow easier now? It is noticeable. It’s a regression. Let’s fix it :slight_smile:


@Jarek So… it seems like somehow the screen is being refreshed more than once. I didn’t realize that when I said it was really hard to fix. First I should make sure it only updates once and see how that goes.

@jarek I am seeing a single flicker that happens when OK is clicked on the color picker. Not when OK is clicked on the Layer Material dialog. This single flicker is caused by something so complex that changing it is extremely difficult. I remember trying to fix this a few years ago and I couldn’t do it. I’m going to try again, but I have to catch up on some other urgent things that just came in. I’ll file a new report for this as it happens in more places than just layers. Thanks for your bug reports and patience.

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@Jarek, @johnc has committed changes to address issues. Are you on daily builds, and able to test? Or do you need a link to a build with the changes in?

I am on 9/19/2018 build and Rhino tells me its the latest available. So I don’t think all the fixes are in there yet.

RH-48421 is fixed in the latest Service Release Candidate

Hi @johnc - thanks for fixing the material flicker :slight_smile:

@jarek You’re welcome.I hope it actually goes faster as well.

yes it does! - the whole layer material editing experience is much smoother now since you and Andy made the series of fixes…