i can confirm this

Rhinodotnetcrash issues seems to be solved after starting Rhino 6 in safe mode…however I can’t pinpoint the plug-in thats causing the issue

Experiencing the same thing since Rhino 6.3 I think. Rhino just creates a crash txt file on my desktop each time the program is closed.

I’ve attached my RhinoDotNetCrash.txt file
RhinoDotNetCrash.txt (2.3 KB)

@info3 are you running Paneling Tools / Section Tools plugins?

No, I’m only using plug-ins installed with Rhino. I tested disabling Grasshopper and I still receive the crash with latest v6.6, not sure which plugin it is

@brian @nathanletwory I think the crash might be related to the splash screen. In the crash file there are async and web client commands used so whatever it is seems to be something that runs asynchronous and connects to the web which makes me suspect the splash. The fancy splash isnt used in safe mode explaining why the issue doesnt occur in safe mode

There are also features related to licensing and the Cloud Zoo that use async and web client.

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cloud zoo and licensing are presumably used in safe mode, and it doesnt happen in safe mode, which leaves the splash screen

any news?

Getting .txt (only) as well…


I think I just fixed this issue. The next SR9 release candidate available tomorrow will have this fix in it.


Now, I’ll maybe even miss that RhinoDotNetCrash.txt file on my desktop since I’ve gotten so used to it. Had accepted to live with it since quite some time now :grin:

I can write a script that writes that file to your desktop when Rhino closes, if you want ;D

RH-46531 is fixed in the latest Service Release Candidate

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I have had this error for months. When will the Service Release Candidate be a full Service Release?

Sorry. I just realized I asked about when software will be released.

Hi David,

We’re on a pretty regular release schedule for Rhino 6 service releases. SR9 is due out on September 25.

Excellent! Thanks.

And, since you’re out of digits after SR 9, should we expecting Rhino 7?

No, it’ll be Rhino X, just to add to the confusion about whether that’s a ten or an ex. :slight_smile:

That makes a lot of sense. I’m glad you’re not releasing a mini version and a max version.

Maybe Rhino A (through F)?

McNeel is far ahead of Apple. They got rid of “the dongle” years ago.