Help files without internet access?

That’s great!

Also: I assume you mean on this particular feature? :laughing:

A couple questions for those of you that want offline help:

  1. What web browser are you using?
  2. Are you interested primarily in:
    a) Pressing F1 inside a command to see help
    b) Using the Help panel while inside a command
    c) Browsing the help from a generic starting point

It appears that, right now, all of these are possible if your default browser is Chrome. If your default browser is Edge or Internet Explorer, then (a) and (c) will work.

The details are that for (b) to work, a URL like this gets created:

But for IE and Edge, the “#commands/circle.htm” get removed, and the browser just shows the “Welcome to Rhino Help” page. If this is adequate, then I can get this in SR5.

My default browser is Firefox. Surely I’m not the only one! :skull:

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  1. Firefox,
  2. Help on F1
  3. AND Help panel while inside a command

I always have Firefox full of open tabs (RhinoCommon / GrassHopper SDK). Terribly slow to search, and no stemming (requires knowing exactly what to search for when trying to search for what to learn to know…)

For decades Help/F1 used to work for windows applications, but Internet destroyed it all.

// Rolf


That’s why I asked! I don’t have FF on my machine, but I’ll install it and test with it.

I think option b) is the thing I’m most interested in. That’s where I have a help window open in Rhino and whenever I start a command, it’s help info shows up automaticallyin that window, right? Having a) would be borderline acceptable; c) barely better than a sharp stick in the eye - although better than doing over the net from a separate computer.

I currently have Explorer as my default web browser.

When will SR5 be available? I need Help and the machine I have to use for Rhino is not connected to the Internet.


This is the help files that you can use offline. It has no interaction with Rhino until RH-43313 is fixed.

Thanks. I’ll try that.

It turns out that the changes required for offline help are too significant for me to put into SR5; but know that the bug fixes are on the way. I hope to have this in the first SR6 release candidate.

RH-43313 is fixed in the latest Service Release Candidate

To get offline help, download and run the RHI from:


The Rhino help file does not work - when I click the rh60-help-en-us.rhi file, installation windows appears, I click “next” button in the window, the window disappears, and nothing is installed.

Do you have the V7 WIP installed?
If so, you’ll need to update that too to get the newer Rhino Installer Engine application in place.

No. I use Rhino 6.5.

This is Not a 6.5 fix.
If you have not installed the 6.6 Service Release Candidate, it won’t work either.

My point was if you have the Rhino V7 WIP installed then the Rhino Installer Engine has a newer version so the 6.6 update RHI engine will not be replaced.
If you Never installed the V7 WIP, then I don’t understand why this didn’t work for you.

It would certainly be helpful, considering the subject of this topic (offline), if you included a direct link to the Service Release Candidate download file. :slight_smile:

RH-43313 is also fixed in the latest Service Release.

Here is a direct link to the Service Release 6 download.

This is “work in progress.” Internet HTML files work much better.