Latest version - Service Release and Service Release Candidate

What is the latest version of Rhino available to users? As of the date of this post, 18 March 2021, is it V7.5 or V7.4? Advice is given that a problem is fixed in V 7.5 and the user should download it and the user replies that they have V 7.4 which their system says is the latest version. Which is the latest version? The short answer is both.

Currently (18 March 2021) V 7.5 is available as a Service Release Candidate. The current Service Release is V 7.4 which was released on .9 March 2021

Service Release Candidates are usually released every Tuesday. Service Releases are usually released on the second Tuesday of every month. The V 7.5 Service Release should be released on Tuesday, 13 April 2021.

From the link above:

To subscribe to Service Release Candidates, follow the platform-specific instructions below.

Rhino for Windows

  1. Start Rhino
  2. From the Tools menu, click Options
  3. In the Options dialog box, click Updates and Statistics
  4. From the Update Frequency drop-down box, select Service Release Candidate
  5. Click OK

Rhino for Mac

  1. Launch Rhino for Mac.
  2. Navigate to Rhinoceros > Preferences > General
  3. In the Updates section, from the Update Frequency drop-down box, select Service Release Candidate
  4. Click Check Now

The release announcement threads contain a list of what is new with each release. Scroll to the end of each to see the latest.

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