[Bug?] Joining this mesh create multiple clone objects

Very strange,
I _Join this mesh and creates multiple meshes.
The mesh was made inside Rhino but manipulated outside before using the join command.

As shown in this video,

Enclosed you will find the .3DM file.
Join this surface.3dm (914.9 KB)

Hello - this does look like a bug if you have Join set to JoinDisjointmeshes=No, although I can’t reproduce it so far with just any meshes that I make myself.
RH-58431 Join duplicates meshes


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Ok, pascal is not a bug.
I did not know the existence of JoinDisjointmeshes until now.
And was set JoinDisjointmeshes=No

If there is nothing selected
then the command ask me and display JoinDisjointmeshes=No

But following these steps it does not show JoinDisjointmeshes option
this are the steps to put on the bug report


  • I Select the object to join
  • and I press _Join
  • The command _Join was JoinDisjointmeshes=No (so is not a bug)
  • Notice: it did not ask me anything. (As shown in the video)
    actual: the command join creating multiple meshes. So is not a bug
    expected: The novice user does not know the existence of the option JoinDisjointmeshes. That was not shown. And so is expecting only one collapsed mesh as a result.

Since the meshes are not connected touching to each other: “collapse” is used also in other applications, for example, to collapse meshes in the outliner Also “merge” two meshes.

So to improve this my question is
By default is it “No”?
If that is the case,
It could be a UI bug for novice users like me :wink:
I propose a change
In the case of meshes because the intention will be to make a draw call reduction.
So “Yes” it cloud be more appropriate as a default.

Or make a new “_CollapseMeshes” button command for meshes that is essentially JoinDisjointmeshes=Yes

If the Rhino default was JoinDisjointmeshes=Yes, I touch it at some point and that changed option was preserved.

Also, I like that selecting and joining is much faster
At the end the final message (look the video) can be improved to something like this:
7 meshes joined into 1 open, disjoint mesh. JoinDisjointmeshes=No. If you expect only one mesh set it to “Yes”.

RH-58431 is fixed in the latest Service Release Candidate

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