Rhino 6 SR6 Release Candidate Available

Rhino 6 SR6 Release Candidate 1 (6.6.18149) is now available.
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New in SR6 RC1:
Bugs Fixed:

  • Annotation: Text: Text does not show in RH6 (RH-46254)
  • Area: Failure (RH-45887)
  • BlockEdit: Reverses normals (RH-20775)
  • Explode: Exploding a polysurface with per-face materials drops the material assignment (RH-42470)
  • File IO: OBJ import pops up a dialog for every unknown type it encounters (RH-46255)
  • Grasshopper: Custom Preview render mesh providers are skipped inside clusters. (RH-45439)
  • Grasshopper: Components: Empties and nulls in Addition/Subtraction/Multiplication need to be handled better. (RH-45811)
  • Print:
    • Autosave Every Page (RH-46213)
    • Printing Technical modes to PDF doesn’t work. (RH-46267)
  • Rendering: Materials: Need a way to get a simple color from an ON_Material for the layer panel (RH-46117)
  • SubD:
    • Becomes invalid after deleting some faces (RH-46175)
    • Fix WireFrame display (RH-46258)
  • TextObject: Broken single stroke fonts for V6 (RH-43096)
  • WeldVertices: Does not work in V6 with attached model. (RH-46170)


  • Grasshopper: Bake: Cluster baking should omit/include internal geometry appropriately. (RH-43831)
  • Rendering: Realtime SDK: Commands and API for accessing HUD functionality (RH-42000)

New in SR6 Release Candidate 2 (6.6.18152):

Meta Issue:

  • Grasshopper: document the .no6 extension for GHAs (RH-44953)

Crashes fixed:

  • We just fixed a significant source of crashes all over Rhino. It affects Rhino not being able to save, crashing when working with annotation, and some crashes in Grasshopper.
  • No Subsystem: tl!SplitIntervalsMatch – Access Denied (RH-46416)
  • Surface-surface intersection: tl!SSXnew::ComputeIntersectionCurves – Access Denied (RH-46419)


  • Annotation: DimLinear: Dimension collapses with history update (RH-46241)
  • Annotation: Hatch: Purge causes a Hatch error (RH-45012)
  • Display: GPU Tessellation - Thick curves have flat ends in print display (RH-43461)
  • Help: What does GrasshopperDeveloperSettings do? (RH-46371)
  • Panels: PanelType.System Panels get treated like public enum PanelType.PerDoc panels (RH-46396)


  • Grasshopper: Add GrasshopperLoadOneByOne command (RH-45335)

New in SR6 Release Candidate 3 (6.6.18163)


  • Decals: Cylindrical decal shows upside down. (RH-46148)
  • Detail: String changes in properties (RH-46556)
  • PrintPreview: Print display line ends (RH-44688)
  • SDK: RhinoCommon: MeshFaceList.DeleteFaces also deletes vertices (RH-45910)

New in SR6 Release Candidate 4 (6.6.18168):

Crash Fixed:

Bugs Fixed:

  • 3DFace: Ngons and quads (RH-45859)
  • Annotation: DimLinear: Add control of right or left text placement of text that won’t fit in linear dimensions (RH-46012)
  • File IO:
    • PLY files are not importing properly in V6 (RH-46652)
    • VRML import broke in recent builds of V6 (RH-46610)
  • Help: Make Help file system available for off-line V6 users (RH-43313)
  • Installer:
    • Make hyperlinks in Privacy Policy open default web browser (RH-46750)
    • Update installer privacy policy (RH-46643)
  • SDK: GHPython: ghpythonlib.components do not take **kwargs properly (RH-46672)
  • SDK: RhinoCommon: ShowContextMenu not working as expected (RH-40761)
  • Selection: Make SubD control polygon pickable (RH-46067)
  • ViewCaptureToClipboard: View capture from Raytraced kicks off a rerender when it shouldn’t (RH-46313)


  • Annotation: DimOrdinate: Needs Update Option (RH-46154)