PDF print color still broken

I see this when the detail is set to Ghosted.


Sorry, I was hoping to only make you try and download one install of Rhino as I knew that 6.6 didn’t have all of the recent print fixes that I’ve made. I’m still unsure if this specific bug is fixed yet, but I know for a fact that some print bugs that you have recently reported have been fixed in this build.

Here is a link to a daily 6.7 build. We will start shipping 6.7 release candidates next week (that’s when the 6.6 service release will be finalized)

Works over here in 6.7.18171.4521, 6/20/2018 if set to display color.


That’s great; thanks for letting me know.

Hi Steve,

Printing using Print Color is still broken for me using the daily build 6.7.18171.4521, 6/20/2018. It makes no difference if the detail is Ghosted or Shaded.



Any news on this printing bug? I think we are going to have to revert to V5 if we can’t figure out how to get V6 to print correctly. Is anyone else seeing this problem?


Hey Eric,
Sorry, I’m still working on this issue. It is at the top of my list and I’m hoping to have it fixed in 6.7

I’m assuming you are always getting some black and white image when you really expect colors. @mary can you help me pin down the exact YT issue that you created while working with Eric? I have some similar issues, but I want to make sure I’m looking at the exact same bug report that Eric reported.

Hi Steve,

Yes, I just want surfaces to print the way they look when Print Preview mode is turned on.


I’m sure you’ve already done this and I’m sorry for asking again, but it may just make everything simpler. I know Mary is doing some training this week so she may not see this right away.

If you can just send me a quick sample that illustrates the print preview mode showing color while the print output showing black and white, I can probably fix this pretty quick. You can just send it directly to steve@mcneel.com if you don’t want the model shared.

@mary found the issue for me (thanks Mary)

Hi Eric,
In May, I logged this bug for @steve RH-45844: Surfaces Need to Print Object Color in Print Color Mode.
Can you confirm that this accurately describes the issue?

What happens that is incorrect?
The surfaces and polysurfaces preview and print in the Print color.

What should happen instead?
Surface should preview and print in the object color, and only the wires are in Print color and width. The PrintDisplay is correct. Surfaces should not respond to the Print Color.

Thanks for your continued help with this issue.
Mary Ann Fugier

Hi Mary,

I think that describes it. The main thing is Print Preview does not show accurately how surfaces will print using Print Color. We would like to be able to print surfaces as they appear in Print Preview mode.


Are you referring to the preview window on the print dialog or having the “PrintDisplay” command enabled?

Print Preview = Print Preview is checked in the viewport drop-down.

A fix for this should be in next week’s 6.7 release candidate

OK so (6.7.18177.12461, 6/26/2018) would not have the fix?


That is correct; I fixed this yesterday afternoon so a build after 6/27/2018 would be required

FYI RH-45844 is fixed in the latest Service Release Candidate.


This plotting problem looks to be completely resolved; many thanks from us here at Bieker Boats to McNeel for taking care of it.