"Document User Text" tab doesn't open

The problem is still here in (6.6.18177.16151, 06/26/2018)
The user text tab either works or is blank.

Could someone wake up a developper and fix this ?

@pascal and @Trav :

Apart from the User Texts, this issue also affects :
-The Dot properties and dialog window
-The Text properties and dialog window
-The Text Objects properties and dialog window

In short : it makes using V6 a huge PITA.

Would you mind to investigate ?

@osuire it appears you’re having issues with panels made using ETO.

I am pinging @JohnM to see if he can shed some light on the panel framework.


Yeah : too much Earned Time Off, and we are left with a CAD software that can’t edit texts.

@ Trav @pascal

I realize that the dialog for “Insert” falls in the same category.
Get that : I can’t insert blocks !

What is going on ? Do you guys just don’t give a f… that the Rhino interface is screwed up or what ?

RH-48508 is fixed in the latest Service Release Candidate

https://mcneel.myjetbrains.com/youtrack/issue/RH-48508 :

It might be visible to you now.

The whole visibility problem is still here in the latest version (6.11.18317.13431, 11/13/2018)

Sometimes, with two Rhino instances, one will suddenly have the problem while the other one doesn’t (but will probably do so later).


One year later…

a colleague of mine got a new Windows 10 computer : the “Edit text” and “Edit Dot” panels also go blank randomly in 6.19.
Only solution : close Rhino / Re-open Rhino.

Of course, it still happens to me and other folks at the company.

My workaround ?
I open an empty Rhino session and Cut/Paste my thext there, where I can access and edit their properties, and the Copy/paste it back to the original document.

So yeah, go ahead, tell me it’s a Windows issue.

Recently, in a post someone said about the interface “If it ain’t broken, don’t fix it”… well I claim it is broken ; heck ! It’s even worse than in V5 !!!

@osuire I’m sorry to hear that we’ve not been able to identify or solve this issue for you properly. The last I heard or knew it was likely linked to a WPF issue at the ETO level. I need to tag @curtisw on this one for his sage advice.

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Ohhhh… I see !

If you resize the blank panel, does it start displaying the controls? If that is the case, Windows isn’t asking the panel to repaint when it is first displayed and will give us a clue.

Also running into the same issue (somtimes) here in SR18, I’m using grasshopper with Elefront and Human UI plugin.

No, doesn’t work :

@JohnM and @curtisw can you take a look at the above video? Maybe this will give you an idea of something we can try to diagnose this issue.

Hi !
When you’re done fixing this problem, could you please take a look at my interface enhancement requests ?

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New and improved interface weirdness with the Text Dot dialog !
I copy/pasted a text dot, and everytime I select the new dot, this is what I get :

Thanks, Olivier. I see that here as well on Rhino 6.

I’ll have to go and figure out when this bug crept into some code - do you remember which version you were running before this started happening?

Hi Wim,

Well, I’m using 6 SR20 (6.20.19322.20361, 11/18/2019) right now, so since I do all the Service release updates.