Layer name looses focus

Hi all,
Before version 6 came out, this was never an issue and I don’t recall this ever happening in all the old versions including the original beta. Now, in version 6, when you create a new layer and you want to name it to whatever, if you move the mouse/cursor for any reason, that highlighted box where the new layer name would go, looses focus and whatever you are typing now shows up on the main command line. Then, after you discover your fopa, you have to re-select the that layer, not moving your mouse/cursor, then and only then, you can rename it. If you bump the mouse or move it before you rename it or while you are typing, rhino looses focus again and then your typing goes back to the command line. To me, it feels like it wastes time to have to go back and re-select that layer name and start the renaming process again.
Anyway, like I said, none of the older versions ever did this. So, with that said, would you all please fix this?

Hello - yeah, it does not always seem convenient - I gather there are conflicting requests and requirements - I added this

but I do not know what is possible.


RH-56318 is fixed in the latest Service Release Candidate

Yes you did! Thank you Brian!