R6 Bug: extract mesh part


at R5 I can extract multiple parts of a mesh without to restart the command, at R6 only one part can be extracted.


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If you’re talking about extractmeshpart command, it’s working normally on my Rhino v6 WIP,
I recorded a quick screencast to show this. Unless you’re talking about something else.

Interesting. Try to start it from the menu, than it doesn’t work here.

Only it works if I type in -extractmeshpart.

Hi Micha- thanks, got that.



Well, in my case, it also works from the menu,
Here’s another screencast

Looks good, but not here. At Rhino 6 I can select one polygon

at Rhino 5 I can select multiple polygons

RH-44510 is fixed in the latest Service Release Candidate

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