Technical display: Silhouettes fail in orthographic view


this this giving me a hard time… all of a sudden the silhouettes in one of my layouts stopped working.
I tried to clear meshes, change custom mesh, explode the object… nothing helps. turning the view slightly out of the parallel projection makes the silhouettes show up… but that is no solution really!

any tips?


Hello - does the camera location look reasonable in these views?


good stuff Pascal.

I didn’t expect that in an ortho view the location of the camera can make a difference.
and I also don’t know why it has been quite far off the object.

In any way, I used good old showCamera to locate and maipulate the parallel view, and now the silhouettes are back… have to do it in all details now but it lookls like it will work.

still puzzeled why it was ok earlier though.


My guess of the moment is that there is some object that is off the plane or off the expected model space that forces the camera back.


…nope sorry… actually I seemed to have slightly moved the camera out of the flat parallel view into into a 3d view, and that is why the edges showed up.

If I go back to fully flat projection even with the cam very close, it still fails.



Hello - can you post or send the file to To my attention, and please include a link back to this topic in your comments.


yes I will.


sent it, but will you get it on as well?

it was in my autocomplete and I didn’t notice the difference…

Hello - yes, I’ll get it, thanks.

@dk2079 - I see the problem - for now, you can clean up with DivideAlongCreases > SplitAtTangents=Yes on that main counter item and the other objects that have rounded corners on single surfaces.

Hm - no, that is not true … it’s the new edges that are drawing, not the silhouettes.


Hi Daniel - does the timing correspond to installing a Rhino Service Release update?

@dk2079 -

Thanks for reporting this.


I did indeed update to sr18 today.

thanks Pascal, is there an easy way to revert to SR17?

just to confirm, reverting to SR17 fixed this issue.

thanks again,

RH-55080 is fixed in the latest Service Release Candidate

thanks for the info Brian.

do you actually have a changeLog anywhere that tells about SR/SR candidates ?