Rhino 6 SR4 Release Candidate Available

Rhino 6 SR4 Release Candidate 1 (6.4.18093) is now available.
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New in SR4:


  • Display: Highlight isocurves on selected object (V5 feature missing in V6) (RH-45031)


  • Lights: Right-clicking a column header in Lights panel crashes Rhino (RH-45186)
  • Make2D: Crash or hang (RH-44987)
  • SDK: RhinoCommon: Preview scene objects aren’t properly wrapped, causing “DocumentCollectedException: This object cannot be modified because it is controlled by a document.” (RH-45109)


  • Annotation:
    • Background Text mask doesn’t work anymore (RH-43960)
    • Tolerance doesn’t display when natural length <> is replaced (RH-44973)
  • Annotation: DimLinear: Dimension update with Project (RH-43676)
  • BlendCrv: BlendCrv - Join when the input is edges (RH-44976)
  • BlockEdit: Hatch in Block Displays at Incorrect Scale in InPlace Edit (RH-29465)
  • ClippingPlane: Display does not update when remapping ClippingPlane (RH-28448)
  • Core Architecture: :GetCachedTexture(const wchar_t* filename, bool bFromFile) (RH-39166)
  • Display:
    • Blocks invisible if layer is locked (RH-44782)
    • Curves should not affect ground plane elevation (RH-44307)
    • Decal widget should not affect ground plane elevation (RH-43964)
    • Drawing delays when first object is created (RH-44830)
    • False color analysis not working in some display modes (RH-38223)
    • SetObjectDisplayMode buglet (RH-42692)
    • TextMask display not forward enough in display order (RH-43106)
    • Use isocurve color does not work (RH-43202)
  • Extrude: UVN mode on mesh boundary edges (RH-44874)
  • File IO:
    • DGN import can’t select model spaces (RH-45115)
    • Export Radial dimensions with edited text to dwg not right (RH-45003)
    • OBJ roundtrip problem (RH-44974)
    • Reading Acad files, Make standard 4 views and layouts from Acad (RH-44251)
  • History: Prefix # fails inside script runner commands like Paste (RH-44516)
  • Lights: Names and layers in Lights panel won’t update immediately (RH-45187)
  • Localization: Strings in English (RH-44104)
  • Match: Matching to surface edge and History (RH-45122)
  • No Subsystem:
    • Context Menu Item “Select By Value” and “Select By Key Value” for user text issues (RH-44871)
    • Serious bug in PT_MeanBBox() (RH-44774)
  • Print:
    • PDF with hidden lines - too thick (RH-44757)
    • Printing attached model as PDF creates erroneous output. (RH-44742)
  • RDK:
    • Preview scene causes calls to CRM WillBuildCustomRenderMesh during display (RH-45085)
    • Proxy Contents in the uuidData_RdkContentDisplayCollection DataSource (RH-45032)
    • RHRDK_ASSERT should report to Raygun (RH-45113)
    • WCS scaled materials (like the library materials) are totally broken (RH-44878)
  • Rendering: Materials: Metal bump textures do not work in 6.4 (RH-44880)
  • Rendering: Texture Mapping: Texture settings in materials have a possible mapping channel of “0” (RH-44748)
  • SDK: RhinoCommon:
    • Add double precision mesh support to RhinoCommon (RH-30860)
    • Make Point2f, Point3f, Vector2f, Vector3f ISerializable (RH-45075)
    • coerce3dpoint does not use CultureInfo.InvariantCulture (RH-45112)
  • SDK: RhinoScript: CurveAreaCentroid method always returning (0,0,0) (RH-44692)
  • Select: Alt-double-click to force editing text and dots (RH-44495)


  • SDK: Python: Upgrade IronPython to from 2.7.5 (RH-42987)

Please report any problems in this forum. Thanks!

Rhino 6 SR4 Release Candidate 2 (6.4.18100) is now available.

Bug Fixes:

  • Annotation: Don’t show preview text in DimCurveLength (RH-44449)
  • BlendCrv: History and edit mode is broken (RH-44315)
  • Display:
    • Add Clipping Plane settings in the Artistic, Pen and Technical display mode options (RH-15567)
    • CRhinoDisplayPipeline::DrawBitmap not drawing dibs with alpha transparently (RH-44803)
    • Hidden lines are displaying incorrectly (RH-44601)
    • New display mode is missing from list (RH-26522)
    • Object display with vertex colors (RH-45249)
    • SubD object shades darker then it ought to (RH-40848)
    • Text mask not masking (RH-37492)
  • Drape: fails with vertical objects (RH-26400)
  • EndBulge: Surface display color uses layer color (RH-12793)
  • File IO:
    • Hookup 2018 SKP SDK on both platforms (RH-45089)
    • SkectchUp import does not get the textures for this model. (RH-45124)
  • Lights:
    • Context menu items applied to the previously selected light (RH-45222)
    • Two settings in Lights panel are not functioning (RH-45188)
  • Menu: Localization string in the menu (RH-13261)
  • OSnap: Pressing Shift or Control when floating osnap toolbar has focus (RH-45151)
  • Print:
    • Text in blocks printing as white (RH-43453)
    • WYSIWYG capturing of Technical views has been broken … (RH-45200)
  • Rendering: Materials: Scale problems in SR4 (RH-45414)
  • SDK: Python: Bug in rs.ExplodeMeshes (RH-41744)
  • SDK: RhinoCommon:
    • Calling DisplayPipeline.DrawMeshWires from GetPoint.OnDynamicDraw override doesn’t draw anything (RH-45281)
    • No way to get user text on a group (RH-33092)
    • Wrap RhinoChangeSeam for RhinoCommon (RH-45015)
  • SDK: RhinoScript: Provide option in Rhino.Redraw to not refresh layer panel (RH-45312)
  • UI Cleanup: Clean up Context Menu filtering on User Text panel (RH-44724)
  • Zebra: Double the analysis (RH-14877)

Rhino 6 SR4 Release Candidate 3 (6.4.18107) is now available.

Crashes fixed:

  • ShowNotifications: Crash clicking on the notifications panel icon (RH-45350)

Features added:

  • MatchProperties: Add mesh modifier properties (RH-22541)

Bugs fixed:

  • Cycles: Image interpolation not optimal (RH-39827)
  • Display: 2D text drawing busted (RH-45226)
  • Installer: Can’t require Win 7 SP2 as it does not exist (RH-45452)
  • Print: Printing attached model as PDF creates erroneous output. (RH-44742)
  • SDK: RhinoCommon: Point3f, Vector3f deserialization broken (RH-45446)
  • SubDFromMesh: _SubDFromMesh result not visualized in certain display modes but exists in the file (RH-41629)

Rhino 6 SR4 Release Candidate 4 (6.4.18114) is now available.

Crashes Fixed:

  • OSnap: VCRUNTIME140 – Access Denied (MERGE) (RH-45360)
  • Print: Crash on Print to pdf (RH-45437)
  • RhinoStart: Rhino 6.4.18092.16031 crashes on startup (RH-45259)

Bugs Fixed:

  • BlockEdit: Open Block Edit “If” File is Closed in Block Edit (RH-42749)
  • COLLADA: Special character in name causes DAE export to fail. (RH-45421)
  • Drag:
    • Transforming sub-objects at the command line (RH-45386)
    • Use single worker thread for brep & extrusion subobject transforms (RH-45283)
  • File IO: STEP import doesn’t import everything (RH-45596)
  • Gumball: Offset value box and make right-click accept the input (RH-45192)
  • Insert: Block name list in the Inert dialog uses case sensitive compare (RH-45522)
  • NamedView: Restore from the command line does not animate (RH-45235)
  • ShowEdges: Display not working in Rendered mode on mesh edges. (RH-43967)
  • Text: Input area invisible (RH-45443)
  • Update System: Post Plug-in updates data as utf-8 (RH-45574)