Rhino 6 SR7 Release Candidate 2 Available

Rhino 6 SR7 Release Candidate 2 (6.7.18183) is now available.
To get it, subscribe to the Release Candidate update stream.

New in SR7 RC2:


  • SDK: Python: rhinoscriptsyntax Layer methods deleting layer user data (RH-46260)


  • Alerter: Plugin fails to load in V6 (RH-46325)
  • Annotation: No actual value shown for dimensions in Properties (RH-46670)
  • Annotation: Leader: Changing leader text size from ObjProps doesn’t work right (RH-46667)
  • Block: Objects in the wrong location in 6.7 (RH-46905)
  • Cycles: Raytraced mode doesn’t use WCS mapping properly on extrusion objects (RH-46717)
  • Display: Extra hatches (RH-46950)
  • Help: Loose option in OffsetMultiple command of Online Help document (RH-46973)
  • Offset: Loose=Yes should not hide Cap option (RH-46969)
  • Rendering: Materials: Changing material to custom blanks material settings (RH-46747)
  • SDK: Python: rs.ExpandLayer throws error (RH-46999)
  • SDK: RhinoCommon:
    • Premature Garbage Collection (RH-46970)
    • TextureMapping missing method to create Planar UVW mapping (RH-46993)
  • ToNURBS: Missing patches at vertices with corner tags. (RH-47003)


  • No Subsystem: opennurbs!ON_3dmConstructionPlane::ON_3dmConstructionPlane – Access Denied (RH-46924)

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