Rhino 6 - Slow save to network location

Hello - we did find that for large files the time spent compressing starts to be overwhelmingly more than the save - In v7/WIP there is an advanced option to turn off compression, which may or may not help here, but just fyi…


Just did the same bench-marking with Rhino 7 WIP, here are the results:

Rhino V7 - Same file used - 951 MB (997,403,500 bytes)
2:14 save from Rhino to Server - Use Compression True - Size Result 952 MB (998,406,762 bytes)
1:50 save from Rhino to Server - Use Compression False - Size Result 1.09 GB (1,180,953,316 bytes)
1:09 save from Rhino to Server - SetArchiveMemoryBufferSize to 32000
0:35 save from Rhino to Server - SetArchiveMemoryBufferSize to 32000 and Use Compression False
0:12 save to desktop (WOW!!!) - SetArchiveMemoryBufferSize to 32000 and Use Compression False

The implications of not using compression is files that are 18% bigger. I think we’d likely turn compression off, however 18% is not insignificant.

It would be ideal if Rhino could save in the background so we could continue to work while saving, and not have larger files due to disabling of compression. The good news in disabling compression is that it really starts to let us realize the advantages of the SSDs that we put into our server.

Is possible to use this also in rh6?
We can save muche time specially in big file.


Hi Marco - no, this is new in Rhino 7.

I understand.
But the difference with or without compession specially when you have large file with mesh is impressive!!

Sometime I save the file during coffe break, locally and is a file of 230mb.


Just to aunderstand.
How long you take to save this file?
It takes more than 2 minutes. What’s wrong?

Rhino 6 last release local ssd



Can you see my file, I’ve uploaded twice.


Hi Marco - no, there is no file visible here.
If it’s a large file you could try uploading it on this page - make sure to put the URL to this discussion in the comments field.

I’m Uploading, whith the link at this discourse discussion.
Now I’ve partially resolve removing this option.

rh6 about 20 sec.
rh7 without compression some second.


Hi Marco - if I understand you correctly, there must be something else going on on your system.
Rhino 6 saves that file in 16 seconds on my C:\ drive with contents indexing turned on.

Or was it the compression option that you turned off?

On my side, the problem was partially resolved by turning off the disk index.
Now, I too save in rhino 6 in about 16 sec.
The same file in rhino 7 with the advanced compression setting turned off in 3-4sec, a ratio of 1 to 4-5
I would be pleased, since I often work with 1-1.5gb files, that you can also have this option on rhino 6, it would allow me a nice time advantage.

Thanks and happy Sunday.

Another example uploading and linked to this discussion.

Rh6 around 60mb file saving in 25-30 seconds.
Rh7 without compression around 200mb but save in 2-3 seconds.

I think for me, time is more importante than disk space.



I’m sending also another big file…

Any feedback?


Hi Marco - we are looking into backporting the option to turn off compression to Rhino 6 - RH-57344.

thank you.
For me is a big issue, also today I’d to waiting probably 10-15 minutes to 407mb of file, instead of 5-8 seconds for a 446mb of rhino 7 with no compression.

Another things, why when rhino create a visualizzation mesh, and then I’m waiting only 50% of proc. is working?



When you think this option sill be aivalable for us?


Hi Marco - the fix is introduced and tested in 6.25 which will be available as a “Service Release Candidate” when 6.24 is released as a finished Service Release. That should be in 2 - 3 weeks from now if all goes well.

Ok, thank you.
What about the cpu percentage during meshing? Is normal?


RH-57344 is fixed in the latest Service Release Candidate