Rhino 8 Service Release Candidate Available

Rhino 8 SR9 Release Candidate 1 for Windows and Mac (8.9.24163) is now available
Requires Rhino 8

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Bugs Fixed:

  • BlockEdit: Point cloud colors removed (RH-62019)
  • BlockManager:
    • Blockmanager slows down viewport when objects are selected. (RH-80279)
    • Block Attributes panel doesn’t appear (RH-81867)
    • Delete from block manager takes ages (RH-80069)
  • BooleanDifference: BD fail example (RH-80968)
  • Code Editor Control: "Intellisense" for function signatures not always shown (RH-82160)
  • CommandHelp: CommandContextHelpUrl from 3rd party plug-in does not work in V8 (RH-78415)
  • Dir: Dir and ShowDir display texture differently when swapping UVs (RH-82027)
  • Displacement: Mesh with thickening causes empty display in most modes (RH-82113)
  • Display:
    • Monochrome section hatch background issue (RH-81443)
    • Material texture with adjustment applied doesn’t show up in preview (RH-81612)
  • DocumentProperties: Rendering settings set by script are ignored (RH-80455)
  • DupLayer: Full path layer name is not scriptable (RH-77128)
  • ExtrudeCrvTapered: Creates too many faces (RH-82091)
  • File IO: Updated import_3dm to rhino3dm latest 8.x (RH-81173)
  • FitCrv: fitCrv: inaccurate result (RH-82376)
  • Grasshopper:
    • SubD Preview Display Issue (RH-82186)
    • GH_BorderComponent.vb does not take into account the Max Size property (RH-82207)
  • Grasshopper: Components:
    • Default Hatch Errors Content Cache component (RH-82331)
    • Model material texture repeat doesn’t cause update (RH-81751)
  • History: Broken history on dimension (RH-62561)
  • Join: Curves disappear (RH-82151)
  • Layer: Releasing left mouse button on lock column after highlighting layer name quits name editing and toggles locking state (RH-80598)
  • LineTypeDisplay: Linetypes with pixel width don't display when model is opened (RH-77096)
  • Loft:
    • History update flips surface direction (RH-82165)
    • Edge domain of straight loft changes (RH-82166)
  • Make2D: Incorrectly shows hidden geometry (RH-80980)
  • MatchProperties: Ignores groups (RH-82345)
  • OSnap: Snaps to Clipped Targets (RH-82379)
  • OffsetCrvOnSrf: Creates incorrect result (RH-82196)
  • PrintPreview: Print display scale has no effect on line width set in linetypes (RH-82329)
  • Properties: Matching properties ungroups hatches (RH-82346)
  • PushPull: Issue Sample (RH-82221)
  • Rebuild: Incorrect deviation feedback (RH-82344)
  • Rendering: Content Panels: Render Libraries option not scriptable (RH-81594)
  • Rendering: Cycles: Spotlight not working properly (RH-82279)
  • SDK: Block Explode: Skip when hidden in Model Space (RH-82312)
  • SDK: GhPython: rs.StatusBarProgressMeterHide needs RhinoApp.Wait() in Rhino 8 (RH-81996)
  • SDK: Python: RunScript vs RunPythonScript inside commands problem (RH-56354)
  • SDK: RhinoCommon:
    • RhinoCommon: RhinoObject.SetTextureMapping misses existing channels (RH-81859)
    • RhinoCommon: RhinoObject.SetTextureMapping ignores object transform (RH-81860)
    • Developer documentation search results unnavigable (RH-82182)
  • SVG Editor: Pressing Enter makes you loose your work (RH-82253)
  • ScriptEditor:
    • Debug does not stop after python code is saves as (RH-82443)
    • Missing blinking cursor when switching between search results (RH-82244)
    • ScriptEditor - typing when a search is active (RH-82323)
    • ImportError on importing numpy from source directory (RH-80494)
    • python signature help window closes when cursor moves away from open paren. (RH-82164)
    • CSharp Script Instance Converter bugs (RH-82125)
    • Python 3 ScriptInstance converter has a few minor bugs (RH-79253)
  • Section Tools:
    • ClippingDrawings: Inconsistent hatch direction (RH-77430)
    • Parts of model disappear when working with section tools and layouts (RH-82197)
    • Drawing is moved to layout (RH-80054)
    • Hidden lines behind clipping fill are incorrectly drawn (RH-78206)
    • ClippingDrawings does not pay attention to block layers (RH-81909)
  • Selection: Selects Clipped Objects (RH-82380)
  • Snapshot: Scriptable cmmand missing settings (RH-82086)
  • SoftMove: Editing of SubD edit/control points does not stick (RH-56127)
  • Sun:
    • Sun rotation control does not update the sun color (RH-82107)
    • Editing location creates a large undo stack (RH-82181)
  • Toolbar:
    • SVG editor - cancel on changing tools to selection (RH-82212)
    • PopUp toolbar disappears (RH-82103)
    • Esc cancels SVG edit session (RH-80252)
  • Torus: Plane.WorldXY is invalid (RH-82169)
  • VariableFilletEdge: Rounding errors influence result visibly (RH-82225)
  • ViewCaptureToFile: Transparent background forces png format (RH-64908)


  • Dark Mode: Component Name Conflict dialog doesn't support dark mode (RH-82320)


  • CPlane: Object option sets CPlane-Z to surface normal direction (RH-82076)
  • Code Editor Control: Allow manually collapsing certain sections (RH-78545)
  • DupEdge: DupEdge on extrusions and breps (RH-82422)
  • History: Made history replay of Sweep1, Sweep2 and Revolve more closely match what the commands do (RH-82032)
  • Mesh: Importing presets does not overwrite existing ones (RH-80492)
  • Rebuild: Preserve curve domain if DeleteInput=Yes and the curve to rebuild is a history parent (RH-82163)
  • ScriptEditor:
    • Include user templates in ‘New’ (RH-79251)
    • Better Closing of Multiple Tabs (RH-82437)
    • Allows setting default Hint for python script component (RH-82009)
    • Added “Toggle Line Numbers” to Edit menu (RH-82121)
  • SelName: Select option in scriptable command supports preselect (RH-82431)
  • Selection: Made pick culling pay attention to draw order (RH-82337)

Features Added:

  • ScriptEditor: Package installation might require checking the environment first to specify which packages to be installed (RH-77108)

Regressions Fixed:

  • Properties:
    • Matching options limited (RH-82322)
    • Scriptable command applies color for sub-object to whole object (RH-82204)
  • Select: Issues about selecting point on surface in command (RH-82295)

SDK Enhancement:

  • SDK: Exposed ConnectSrf functionality (RH-64396)
  • SDK: RhinoCommon:
    • Wrap RhinoExtendBrepFacesToConnect in RhinoCommon (RH-82205)
    • Exposed CRhinoLayer::m_bIsVisibleInRhinoUserInterface (RH-81522)
    • Wrap CRhinoInstanceObject::Explode with bSkipHiddenPieces (RH-82153)

UI Change:

  • SplitFace: SplitFace - command line option name (RH-82492)

Usability Problems Fixed:

  • Code Editor Control: Improve inline error prompt in code editor (RH-80592)
  • ScriptEditor:
    • RunScriptCommand only searches for python files inside IronPython plugin search paths (RH-78659)
    • ScriptEditor - please add a New > Blank file in the dropdown menu (RH-80243)
    • Allow toggling autocomplete in signature complete (RH-82473)
    • Allow option to choose active or open codes for search and replace (RH-80934)
    • Make type hinting menu searchable (RH-78084)
    • Add Toggle to show/hide “Non-Public” items in debug variables (RH-82351)
    • CodeEditor search results - locate in the document (RH-82262)
    • Add ‘Whole Word’ to search panel (RH-81502)
    • Scripteditor - open location on two screens (RH-80868)
    • Script Editor Autocompletes In Comments (RH-81189)
    • Install Package dialog to allow selecting dll from an open dialog (RH-81910)
    • Includes Full Stack Trace in error message tag hover (RH-82263)
    • Improved error colors in dark mode (RH-82265)
    • Show warnings about super()._ _ init _ () call inside _ _ init _() (RH-82029)
    • Improvement about dealing with errors (RH-79256)
    • Increase max size of error message tag (RH-82264)
    • Python stubs with out params should put out in return tuple for signature (RH-82158)
    • File Open and search messiness (RH-79207)
  • StatusBar: Pressing Esc key does not close layer popup (RH-82341)

Mac-Only Changes

Bugs Fixed:

  • Annotation: Linetype: Model Space spinner uses comma (RH-80018)
  • BoxEdit: Panel Broken (RH-82154)
  • Display: Textures display with splotchy colors on Mac (RH-63350)
  • Display Metal: Grid display messy with high contrast (RH-80246)
  • ExtrudeCrvToPoint: Run out of memory (RH-80508)
  • Layer: Layers panel does not automatically switch between light/dark mode (RH-78700)
  • Rendering: Materials: Flip alternate gradient option doesn't work in Raytraced (RH-71665)
  • Rendering: Texture Mapping: mapping broken in rendered display (RH-80487)
  • Spotlight: 16 Spotlight Limit (Mac) (RH-82464)
  • UVEditor: Can't use Lasso or SelBrush when picking vertices to Pin (RH-73099)

Regressions Fixed:

  • Display: Rhino becomes slow after multiple documents have been opened (RH-82080)

Windows-Only Changes

Bugs Fixed:

  • Display: Incorrect drawing of object with material and alpha transparency (RH-82282)
  • Eto: TreeGridView Expand and Collapse Slow (RH-82010)
  • OffsetCrvOnSrf: OffsetCrvOnSrf - GH component gives curve that goes way off (RH-82256)
  • Options: Shadows page is ugly when disabled in dark mode (RH-75383)
  • Toolbar: Grippers have odd shading (RH-81331)

Usability Problems Fixed:

  • ScriptEditor: Tuned up closing behavior (RH-80600)