Rhino 6 bug - focal blur

I guess the camera doesn’t act completely as a real camera. The focal blur distance in our case is separate from the camera target. I can see how one could expect them to be related, but they currently aren’t.

@andy, any comments on this?

There is another problem with the aperture and the f-number (a.k.a. focal ratio, f-ratio, and f-stop). Both of them control the brightness of the image. The smaller the aperture, the dimmer the image. Worse yet, very small aperture blurs the image as much as very big aperture. In other words, both terms are very confusing. I would replace all variables with one variable called focal blur. (It would be nice to have linear motion blur and rotational motion blur.)

I will agree aperture affects exposure, I will have to disagree that aperture (and thus F-Stop on similar lens length) does not affect the depth of field. Personally, I don’t feel exposure is really of issue here as the raytraced mode is auto exposing for us. I don’t think it necessarily has to be F-Stop (although I feel there is a lot of familiarity with that concept), but it really should not be an absolute aperture value, which only takes input in model units when lens length is always mm. That in my opinion is not intuitive.



The smaller the aperture, the longer the depth of field. Maximum angular resolution of any camera is limited by diffraction. For example, if wavelength of light is one micrometer and aperture diameter is also one micrometer, the maximum resolution of the camera is only one pixel. This is, of course, the most extreme example of a pinhole camera. Real-life medical microcameras have aperture diameter of about 1 mm and resolution of about 250x250 pixels. Camera resolution grows proportionately with the aperture diameter.

Note that aperture in Raytraced does not have any effect on exposure. And resolution is governed by the camera size, i.e. final image resolution.

The camera simulation isn’t that intricate.

RH-44000 is fixed in the latest Service Relase Candidate

Friendly reminder: The “autofocus” option is still in V6.4 RC1 ((6.4.18093.10341)

Aye, not sure if and how it is going to evolve.

I don’t know if it’s me or a new kind of bug.
For me the focal distance and aperture settings produce unpreditable and inconsitent results.

I hope we can agree that all other things equal, identical sets of values for focal distance and aperture should always result in the same visual result.

This is not the case in V6.4 RC1 in my experience. I fiddle around with (only these) two parameters. Upon hitting enter, the blur effect changes. Then, when I change these parameters back to the settings I had before (again all other thing equal) the image is completely different (like no blur vs blur-only). Feels buggy to me.

Can anyone confirm this kind of behavior?

Seems like there is similar glitch in Cycles to the one in this thread :

Blur results are different before and after switching to shaded mode and back to Cycles.

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It is already reported and on my list. I am on the phone now, searching for the links to the YT items will have to wait till later.

Good to know. Thanks!

here as well :frowning:
any chance to make it work soon?

It is likely either 6SR6 or 6SR7.

ok, at least now I know that it’s not me being too stupid to make it work - it’s just another bug.

had the whole scene ready, materials, lighting, all named views set up, etc… dof was the last I wanted to set up before making the final renderings. Rhino6 is just one huge let down at this point. Whenever there is a bug that I just stopped being upset about, another one hits me right in the face.

Already known if it will be the upcoming SR6 or later SR7?
Didn’t recognize it in the release candidates.

Focal blur is now viewport property, but it would be more useful as object property. Blurred objects could be used as flames and clouds.

There have been other major bugs demanding my attention. Maybe SR7, if there aren’t other critical issues to work on.

So now hoping SR6 gets finalized soon and we’ll see a SR7RC soon after.

We release RCs weekly, and stable builds every 4 weeks. There should be a stable SR6 and an SR7 RC toward the end of June.

had hoped for some progress. no new RC for SR6 today. are we close to the SR6 final release?