FBX export failure (light)


I tried to export a large scene and got an error. Finally I found that a rectangular light was the reason. Please, during the export process add an info, that lights are not supported and will not be exported and doesn’t stop the export.



Thanks, I have reported it as RH-43370.

Thank you.

I found that also linear lights cause problems. I have updated the report.

From what I can tell FBX doesn’t support linear nor rectangular lights. What would you expect to happen here?

The question is also directed at @camelworks

It could be nice to get a command line note “lights are not supported” and the scene is exported without the lights.

Some lights are supported, just not all types. Maybe it would be better to list all the lights that weren’t exported? Maybe something like Light 'dining room' (area light) not exported

OK, for me a simple solution would be good enough, for example “2 area lights and 1 linear light are not exported”. Most important is that the FBX export doesn’t stop with a general failure.

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A fix for this will be in the first service release.

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RH-43370 is fixed in the latest Rhino 6 Service Release Candidate

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