SmartTrack in V6

In V5 I always used SmartTrack to place an object at the midpoint between two coplanar Osnaps (it would show as “point” rather than “mid” for some reason) but now I can only do this if the two snap locations are in an orthogonal relationship. Am I missing something? Thanks!

EDIT: I am able to make this work when snapping to the end points of two cones (it shows as “mid” now, not “point”), but still unable when snapping to the midpoints on two sides of an irregular polyline.

Can you post an example?

I see something similar - In V6 I can get a “mid” (between) snap point between two smart points that are curve endpoints, point objects or even circle centers, but I do not get this point if I try between two line or polyline segment midpoints. In V5, this works for line or polyline segment midpoints as well.

Exactly. I’m glad I’m not imagining it. : ) I wonder if it’s an oversight–I really loved that function.

I created a bug report for this:

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RH-55493 is fixed in the latest Service Release Candidate