Text Rotation Issue?

I am having an issue with Rhino 6 text rotation. When the Rotation setting in the _TextObject dialog is set to a value “near” -90 deg (eg -x), the text is rotated to x deg. I don’t know the exact range around +/-90, but it isn’t exactly +/-90. It seems to work as I would expect at least to +/-80. I have to assume that I’m doing something wrong or not understanding how the Rotation setting works in the _TextObject dialog.

Text-Rotation-Issue.3dm (377.3 KB)

Yeah, I see that. This looks like the same issue as here:

But unfortunately, _TextObject does have the same controls as _Text, so this behavior may be built-in and not adjustable…

I’m still interested in getting more feedback back on this issue. Maybe, others have something to add?

@lowell - any comment here?

I haven’t looked through the code yet, but just experimenting it looks like TextObject looks at the Orient toward reader check for the current style. I’m not sure that makes sense though

Yeah, I don’t think it does in this case…

This should be fixed in the next release candidate for 6.30. Please see https://mcneel.myjetbrains.com/youtrack/issue/RH-60214 to monitor progress.


Incidentally, you can work around this in the meantime by creating a new dimstyle with “Orient text toward reader when viewed from behind” unchecked. Set it as the current dimstyle prior to running TextObject. TextObject uses the current dimstyle as the basis for the text it uses to create the curve outlines.

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Ok, thanks!

RH-60214 is fixed in the latest Service Release Candidate