Placeholder Material


I get the below dialog when trying to edit a layer’s material:

The layer is coming from a copy-paste originating in V6 WIP.
Any suggestions how to unlock this?
PlaceholderMaterial.3dm (49.7 KB)


Hi Willem - assigning a different material to the layer seems to work- can that get you unlocked enough? Thanks for the heads up, I’ll test this…
Yep, I can reproduce it… thanks .


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If the material in question is one of the new V6 materials such as Plastic, Gem, Plaster, etc, V5 cannot edit it, because such materials do not exist in V5. In this case, the material appears to V5 as if it’s a material from a plug-in that is not loaded. This plug-in is in fact a future version of the RDK which does not exist yet for V5.


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RH-34854 is fixed in the latest Service Release Candidate