Vertical dimension orientation not consistent


Can someone please explain me why, sometimes, a vertical dimension randomly change its orientation?
See example below: the ‘20’ vertical label is sometimes flipped (1), sometimes not (2).

Is that a setting to be defined somewhere in the annotation style? I’m slowly going mad about this…

Another question: I expect the dimension label to always point outwards:

Is there a way to achieve that? The text position options seems to be restricted to ‘Above line’ and ‘In line’, no ‘Below line’ option…

It is exposed in Rhinocommon though…


Nobody on this one?

Hello - can you please post a file that has one or two of these?. My attempts, so far, all look the same and … correct.


Hi Pascal,

Please find the file here: anotation_orientation_sample.3dm (139.4 KB)


Hi @pascal,

Did you manage to reproduce this issue? Can I help in any way?
Sorry to be insistent, but I consider this problem as a major one, as I’m currently not able to produce serious drawings for my clients. Nobody wants to pɐǝɹ stuff ǝʞᴉl this…

Here again one sample:

Ok, it seems to have something to do with the 'Orient text toward reader…" options.
Oddly, it does not seem to affect all dimensions the same way:

Is there a reason you don’t turn on Orient text toward reader?

I did find something to fix …

Regarding this: I made exactly the same wish post before:

RH-54734 is fixed in the latest Service Release Candidate