Export textured mesh files to obj

Hello, First time on the forum, looking to confirm the workflow for exporting textured mesh files (from imported ply files) to textured obj files. Thanks

Hi scedarleaf - are the texture/image files coming with the ply files?


Hi Pascal, No. Here’s the workflow, I export textured ptx files and import textured ptx to meshlab then export textured ply and then import textured ply to Rhino.

Hi scedarleaf - can you send us one of these? (tech@mcneel.com), If the ply comes in with texture maps, that’s one thing but if it’s got vertex colors, that’s a different thing…



I’ll upload in the morning. I texture map the point clouds in Cyclone and
export the ptx and the process mentioned earlier. The textures hold all the
way into Rhino.


Hi Scott - the mesh has vertex colors, not a texture as a texture map - V6/WIP supports exporting vertex colors to obj (under the Mesh tab in the export settings dialog) - I’d try that.


Hello and happy new year.
ply export works well on sketcfab.
obj does not export colors correctly
fbx failed
alea rhino6.3dm (1.2 MB)

rhino version: 6.0.17355.10131, 21/12/2017

link to sketchfab

Hello - can you please describe exactly what you’re doing in Rhino and what does not work? I can’t tell if you’re complaining about export or about a different program’s import or what exactly.


Hey Pascal,

This is following up from our email exchange back in September. I had a
problem in Rhino 5 that when I export an imported textured ply file to obj,
the textures would not export.


Hello Pascal. Not complaining at all. Just sharing.
The fbx export failed, with this file. So that is Just Rhino Beta.

For obj & ply, Both can be exported but only ply gets the material correctly.
I do not know if that is the Rhino Beta or sketchfab.
The linked sketchfab file is from ply.

The file has the FBX export fail because the scene contains linear lights.

See RH-43370.

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It is ok to complain! I was not complaining about the complaining, I just could not see exactly what the issue was…
I think it’s sorted now…


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Well, not sorted, just understood :wink:

Fix for this in v6 will be in the first service release.

RH-43370 is fixed in the latest Rhino 6 Service Release Candidate