This font was crashing rhino

This font was crashing rhino
(6.5 KB)
if insert a text with this font , when selecting the text rhino crashes (bad font?)

Hello - so far this works here:


Were you able to make any text at all with it or did it just crash every time?


i was using this
tabla de (25.5 KB)
to get all my system fonts but when trying to select all itmes in v5 with window crossing most of times Rhino crashes
uninstallling the font all goes normal.
With Rhino 6 picking the text crashes.
The crass occurs if you put the name of the font as text

This other goes ok:
SCRIPTIN.7z (42.6 KB)

Yes! Here too - thanks for that detail.


RH-49785 is fixed in the latest Service Release Candidate