Move face to an inward point (with normal constrain) moves the face to the opposite direction

Strange behavior since some R6 RC, I though it was my fault but it seems not.
I cannot move anymore a face to the desired direction when the direction is inward. (when I want to shorten a volume)
Rhino systematically extends the volume.


  • Make a CUBE.
  • Go to the Top View and Select the Solid Tools / Move Face
  • Select the right face and bring it to the left
    The cube is extended in place of being shortened

This bug is particulary nasty since I use A LOT this tool which is essential (and should work)
NOTE: I did not check all other moving tools behavior

Should I rephrase the title ?

I cannot reproduce this behavior in the current 6.5 RC… --Mitch

Ok, I have tested the tool with RC4 (04/24/2018) which is (was) still installed on the laptop and guess what…the tool worked perfectly,until I’ve updated Rhino to the latest RC5…and now the tool is broken (no negative movement)
Definitely, RC5 broke something.

Dunno, as I said before, seems to work here - what might I be doing differently than you?

BTW, I changed the category to Rhino for Windows, as this concerns the current version, not the WIP.

The movement is not constrained to “normal” in your example.
Please try again with “direction constrain” option set to normal

OK, I see that now thanks. Looks like there may have been an attempted bug fix in 6.5 that created another one - I created a new bug report and referenced the other fix attempt…

Thanks for the report. --Mitch

This bug is related to the last release candidate (rc5) , is it realy the stable release ? should it not be placed in the serengeti section ?..I don’t know

Well, as far as I know, Serengeti concerns future development, and this is bug-fixing with the current version. Hopefully users of “stable” service releases - which are not guaranteed to be bug free in any case - will never even see this one if it gets fixed right away…

RH-46176 is fixed in the latest Service Release Candidate