Rhino 7 WIP Update Frequency Missing

I can see no “Update frequency” option.
I have :
Work In Progress
(7.0.18051.5145, 02/20/2018)

This is WIP, not a commercial release. There are no service releases nor release candidates. Just new WIPs, so it should be automatic when they are released.

I’m not sure, there was a setting to get the bleeding-edge daily builds for V6 WIPs, but I don’t know if that is already available in the V7 WIP.

Not a commercial release ?
Why does it call itself “Commercial” then ?
After paying 450 € Vat included, I would expect the software to kindly update to the most recent version, and at least not claim it is “up to date”.

7.0 is the new WIP. The commercial commercial version is currently at 6.2. Start Rhino 6 instead of the WIP.

@brian perhaps the line saying Commercial in Rhino 7 WIP should say WIP, even though it says two lines up Work In Progress, so users would be less confused?

duh ?


@osuire WIP version is “alpha”, not for production work.

@nathanletwory @brian “Rhino 6 WIP” or “Rhino 7 WIP”? Better “Rhino WIP” and version control
with date… :sunglasses:

At some point, the WIP expired and asked for a purchased serial.
So I purchased a V6 upgrade, entered the serial.
What I expected : Knowing that I have a valid V6 license, Rhino proposes to download the latest build
What happened : Nothing

Rhino has always been and will always be a “Work in progress” (albeit slow and endlessly dodging the real issues), so what’s the point in all the confusing terminology ?

I have a last versions and no problems…



Sorta normal, although I was given to understand that the last Beta/RC wouldn’t expire until 1 April…


The download link is on the license key form. There are many reasons why the download/install is not automatic, people buying the license might not be doing that from the device that actually has Rhino installed, they might have multiple installations, they might not want to install right now, etc.

Going from the Beta to the Commercial version also implies not just replacing the current Rhino.exe in the existing install, but actually installing in a new, separate “Rhino 6” folder (or some other of your choosing) and removing the original “Beta” or WIP folder (transferring the settings if possible).

It should definitely say something other than “Commercial”, especially as a WIP is not for sale and available to everyone, including educational users. I would propose “Development Version”.

Maybe it should say something different, but the V7 WIP uses the permanent V6 license (EDU or Commercial). We no longer use “Beta” keys.

Does “Commercial” refer to the version of the code, or the type of license?

If I understand your question, it is the type of license.
For customers, we offer:

  1. 90-day evaluations
  2. Permanent EDU (requires proof of status)
  3. Permanent Commercial

“Beta” keys are not used for the V7 WIP
"Beta" keys will be used for the V6 Mac WIP

Each license is version specific.
Does this answer your question?

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Yes, that answers my question and was what I expected. There was confusion earlier in the thread when several participants used the term “Commercial” on the About Rhino panel as referring to the version of Rhino, not the type of license. That lead to the request to change what the panel displays.

Yes, that does explain it. However, it will still confuse users, so I would propose that the splash screen for the WIP be changed to eliminate the confusion.

Does the splash screen for the WIP say “Commercial” for users with an EDU license? If so then I agree that it should be changed. However if it only says “Commercial” for users with a Commercial license and says EDU for users with an EDU license the no change is needed.

The V7 WIP splash screen displays the V6 license it is using; Educational or Commercial.

What if the word “License” was added on the splash screen? Wouldn’t that clear the whole thing up?

For example: “Commercial License” instead of just “Commercial”.

V7 WIP ? Seriously ?
Better fix V6’s crashes and slow display issues first.
After 7 years of waiting, even the meager improvements that were touted don’t work, and there’s already a V7 in the works ?

This is crazy.

Rhino is a continuous work in progress; in Rhino 6 there are hundreds of bugs to fix, I think it will take at least 14-15 services releases. In the meantime, Rhino 7 will come out (between 5-6 years) and forward in the same way …
The important thing is to fix the defects … and the developers, slowly, work there always!

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