RhinoPDF and default setting with a new layout

When I make a new Layout and choose RhinoPDF, Landscape and A3 all is good, but when I then go to print I get a preview of a Portrait Letter in A4… and that’s obviously not what I want since I have allready chosen the above settings for the Layout, so Rhino basically asks me if I want to crop the Layout that I just made and print it to a size that none of the countries surrounding us are using, and that is a strange question to ask a designer :wink:
So please fix it so RhinoPDF reads the data from the Layout and uses that as default :slight_smile:

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Halla Jørgen,

I think that this one covers that issue, right?

Halla mr McNeel Norway :smiley:
Vi må ta en kaffe snart!

The link you provided returned an error:

That is a different issue Wim. It has to do with printing different sheet sizes to a single PDF.

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It should be visible now, try again.

Yes, but if that’s fixed, that would also mean that printing a single sheet to PDF would know the size it should print to, no?

Sure, but that is a feature request that I will not be working on for V6. Jorgen found a smaller bug that could be fixed in V6 since it would not require any changes to the UI

Cool. I’m on it!


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RH-47941 is fixed in the latest Service Release Candidate

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