Rhino 6 SR5 Release Candidate 1 Available


(Brian Gillespie) #1

Rhino 6 SR5 Release Candidate 1 (6.5.18128) is now available.
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New in SR5 RC1:

Crashes fixed:

  • CPlane: RhinoCore!CCommandCPlane::SetNewCPlane – Access Denied (MERGE) (RH-45734)
  • Core bugs: InsertKnot Command: RhinoCore!CRhGetInsertKnotCurvePoint::OnMouseMove – Access Denied (RH-45678)
  • No Subsystem: :UseRhinoFont – (NTSTATUS) 0xc0000094 - {EXCEPTION} Integer division by zero.(MERGE) (RH-45714)
  • Options: Advanced option list crash (RH-45689)
  • Print: UNKNOWN!Rhino.SettingValue.TryGetPoint3d – Access Denied (RH-45736)
  • Viewports: RhinoCore!CRhinoViewport::SetTraceImage – Access Denied (RH-45851)


  • PackageManager: Show url in online tab of Package Manager (RH-45622)

Bugs fixed:

  • Annotation:
    • Fix ON_Font::GetInstalledFontFamily() so it works right. (RH-45838)
    • Support Simulated fonts like Arial-Black Italic and CountryBlueprint Bold in Rhino 6 for Windows. (RH-45755)
  • Annotation: DimLinear: Automatic signs in tolerance overdoing it (RH-44355)
  • Annotation: DimRadial: Tail on Diameter and Radius Dimension Incorrect on Layout (RH-45794)
  • Annotation: Hatch: HatchBase Lost When Blocked (RH-44542)
  • Annotation: Text:
    • ON_Font::ManagedFontFromRichTextProperties() fails to return correct face in some cases. (RH-45888)
    • Rhino 6.5 tools for getting regular, bold, italic, and bold-italic font family members (RH-45864)
  • CheckOutLicense: Checkout feature nonfunctional (RH-45788)
  • Close: Leak warning (RH-45610)
  • Display:
    • DFKai font glyph rendering is bad (RH-41931)
    • SubD - subobject highlight broken - needed for Shape to Fabrication (RH-45533)
    • Transparent backface material causes selection to not highlight (RH-32885)
  • Eto: Icons over scaled at DPI 200% (RH-45869)
  • File IO:
    • ACAD 2004 is still listed in ACAD export schemes (RH-45651)
    • Bad STP import (RH-45697)
    • Error message in ShrinkGetEdgeParameterSearchDomains() (RH-11330)
  • Geometry Core: Fix potential crash in ON_SimpleArray::Append( int count, const T* p) (RH-45812)
  • Grasshopper: Flip Mesh Face input Typo (RH-43971)
  • Layer: Make the layer visible in the panel (RH-45621)
  • LayerStateManager: Layer State Not Saving or Restoring Properly for Linked & Embedded Block Layers (RH-45549)
  • No Subsystem: DWrite fails with X-Files font (RH-45768)
  • OpenNURBS: ON_PolylineCurve::GetNormalizedArcLengthPoint issue (RH-45751)
  • Options:
    • Advanced options page request (RH-45779)
    • Export Advanced setting list (RH-45694)
  • Osnap:Point: Point osnap and points in blocks (RH-45715)
  • PackageManager: Don’t use minor version in package folder path (RH-45117)
  • Print:
    • Exception thrown when writing PDF (RH-45490)
    • Settings are not remembered between sessions (RH-29999)
  • RDK:
    • Decals Datasource changed event send only to the specific controller that made the change. (RH-45695)
    • Incorrect dot color for material in layer panel with metal and glass materials (RH-43238)
  • Rendering:
    • Changing reflectivity bounces through script doesn’t work properly (RH-45613)
    • Colors are wrong in renderings made with Rhino Render and Brazil (RH-45670)
  • Rendering: Materials: Editing a layer panel material brings back a deleted light (RH-45723)
  • SDK: MRhinoApp::RunScript signature incorrect (RH-45781)
  • SDK: Python: GetObjectsEx group param is ignored (RH-45674)
  • SDK: RhinoCommon:
    • Add CreateMesh for Surfaces and Extrusions (RH-45555)
    • Missing Enum Values in public enum SideFill in Rhino common (RH-45865)
    • Rhino.UI.OpenFileDialog with MultiSelect=True not working (RH-37371)
    • [RhinoCommon] SaveFileDialog does not handle Filter correctly (RH-28815)
  • SelLinetype: Cannot select linetype (RH-45764)
  • Selection:
    • Keep selection between active details (RH-45744)
    • Shaded brep selection point not always under the cursor (RH-45818)
  • Solid tools: Make hole always goes both directions no matter the option (RH-45424)
  • Space Ball:SpaceMouse: Rhino 6 laggy viewport performance (RH-45726)
  • Surface-surface intersection: Fails, OK in V5 (RH-45095)
  • UnrollSrf: Can’t compute area (RH-45506)
  • ViewCaptureToClipboard:
    • ViewCaptureToClipBoard Uses Layer Color - Not the Object’s Display Color (RH-45611)
    • Z Buffer is broken… (RH-45889)


  • Cycles: Potential memory leakage in RhinoCycles (RH-37135)
  • RDK: Render Frame UI contains lots of business logic (‘back-end’ code) (RH-45121)
  • SDK: RhinoCommon: Text Object alignment options to be added to Rhino Common: Text3D object (RH-38784)
  • SetUserText: Allow column sorting in User/Document text panels (RH-45092)

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(Brian Gillespie) #2

(Brian Gillespie) #3

Rhino 6 SR5 Release Candidate 2 (6.5.18132) is now available.

Bugs fixed:

  • Annotation: DimAngular: DimAngles are on the CPlane (RH-45722)
  • Block: Instances In DWG Being Ignored with Link/Reference Option (RH-45434)
  • BlockEdit: Paste in blockedit (RH-45620)
  • File IO: SW import makes too many layers (RH-45432)
  • SDK: RhinoCommon:
    • Dialogs.ShowListBox does not consider the selected item (RH-44715)
    • rs.AddText() makes text with invalid vertical alignment (RH-45771)
  • SelectionFilter: Command-line filter “Edge” is unknown (RH-45657)

(Brian Gillespie) #4

Rhino 6 SR5 Release Candidate 3 (6.5.18143) is now available.

Crashes fixed:

  • Geometry Core: opennurbs!ON_Brep::PrevTrim – Access Denied (MERGE) (RH-46101)
  • No Subsystem: MILERR_WIN32ERROR (Exception from HRESULT: 0x88980003)(MERGE) (RH-45882)


  • Grasshopper: MRU Tiles show full filename. (RH-42716)

Bugs fixed:

  • Annotation:
    • Dimensions made with plain user text from reading old files don’t display any text (RH-45938)
    • Set Layout scaling off reading v4 files (RH-45937)
    • Text from V4 files displayed in the wrong location (RH-45939)
    • Undisplayed text not saved to V5 (RH-45987)
  • AutoSave: No Autosave on re-open (RH-46138)
  • BackgroundBitmap: Embedded Background bitmap not displaying when file reopened (RH-45959)
  • BoxEdit: Issues in Rhino 6 (RH-46010)
  • Cycles: Setting Samples count to 0 crashes Rhino when switching to Raytraced view. (RH-46086)
  • Display: Ghosted display mode render problems with Picture (RH-46068)
  • Eto: Eto" Method not found GetEtoWindow() (RH-45933)
  • Fillet: On wrong segments (RH-46073)
  • Grasshopper: Groups are missing in Custom Display Render pipeline. (RH-45900)
  • Grasshopper: Components:
    • Conic Graph mapper broken. (RH-45984)
    • Integer Complex multiplication undefined. (RH-45776)
  • Help: Object snaps with mesh wires? (RH-45997)
  • Make2D:
    • Does not project point objects (RH-44511)
    • Incomplete clipping plane intersection (RH-44573)
  • Print: Blocks are offset (RH-44585)
  • RDK:
    • CRhRdkAtpSnoop::Notify uses ActiveDoc (RH-45399)
    • Custom Content Editor ‘actions’ no longer work (RH-45858)
  • ShowNotifications: NotificationModal crashes when using the updater (RH-45789)
  • SmartTrack: Mid & Smarttrack smart points (RH-45833)
  • Undo: Error about Make2d - the Group option in the Make2d will delay the run time (RH-43205)
  • ViewCaptureToFile: ViewCaptureToFile - “Unit” option not working in non-english Rhino (RH-45760)