Skeleton fattener + mesh cage morph

Hi everyone,

Here is a first prototype of 2 new tools (as a .gha plugin), one for thickening skeletons into closed quad meshes, and one for morphing geometry with a mesh cage.
Fattener.gha (27 KB)
and some notes on how to use it here.
Please bear in mind this is just an alpha version - no promises how well it will work.

(This is following on from some of the earlier discussion in this thread:
Creating smooth meshes from pipes, like TSpipe had in Tsplines?)

Thanks to all of you who gave input on that pipes thread. I’ve tried to incorporate some of those ideas here. I haven’t yet figured out how exactly this will fit with custom cross-sections as @gustojunk asked, since it currently makes use the symmetry of the 4 sided struts to avoid twist between nodes. It should be possible though, after a few changes.

and a few example files: (10.8 KB) (1.8 MB) (250.7 KB)
(Armadillo model from the Stanford 3D Scanning Repository) (2.2 MB) (274.8 KB)

(Raptor and horse models from the Aim@Shape repository)


Thank you—I can’t wait to dive into this plugin! Your preview video was more than enough to get me excited.

Thanks, these tools are super!

hi Daniel, All,

I can see the thicken examples working, very cool! … but not the morph ones. When I open those I get this error:

missing Combine&Clean from Kangaroo 0.099, even though I have the bundled Kangaroo 2 installed. Any ideas how to fix that?

Oops, my bad, looks like I saved it with an old version of that component used.
These ones should work: (275.4 KB) (2.2 MB) (257.6 KB)


Wow absolutely amazing Daniel
I will schedule to record a video tutorial about it as soon as I can

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Hi Daniel !

This is going to be a game changer ! Can’t wait to try it.
I will give you feedback.


Daniel, this seems a lot more involved than the other examples you provided in your pdf. Was it done using only those techniques?

It’s the same definition as the ‘Skeleton_Morph’ file posted above, just with a vector moving the points from the rest cage to the deformed cage, and slider connected to a multiplier for this vector. (2.2 MB)


One more example: (19.1 KB)


@DanielPiker this is awesome, combined it with Pufferfish’s Tween Mesh, works quite fast - now I will apply to the animation team of the next Jurassic World :smiley: (2.2 MB)


And one with multiple poses using Pufferfish Tween Through Meshes with the Interpolation options for smooth (non linear) animation transitions. (2.2 MB)



and of course we need one of these: (21.9 KB)

21 Likes (17.5 KB)


Rhino 7 graphics?

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No, just Arctic mode in 6

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I mean that these should be used for Rhino 7 marketing graphics!


:joy: got it!


Is this going to work on R5 on a very old 32bit laptop or am I just getting my hopes up unnecessarily?