Skeleton fattener + mesh cage morph

Hi everyone,

Here is a first prototype of 2 new tools (as a .gha plugin), one for thickening skeletons into closed quad meshes, and one for morphing geometry with a mesh cage.
Fattener.gha (27 KB)
and some notes on how to use it here.
Please bear in mind this is just an alpha version - no promises how well it will work.

(This is following on from some of the earlier discussion in this thread:
Creating smooth meshes from pipes, like TSpipe had in Tsplines? - #8 by DanielPiker)

Thanks to all of you who gave input on that pipes thread. I’ve tried to incorporate some of those ideas here. I haven’t yet figured out how exactly this will fit with custom cross-sections as @gustojunk asked, since it currently makes use the symmetry of the 4 sided struts to avoid twist between nodes. It should be possible though, after a few changes.

and a few example files: (10.8 KB) (1.8 MB) (250.7 KB)
(Armadillo model from the Stanford 3D Scanning Repository) (2.2 MB) (274.8 KB)

(Raptor and horse models from the Aim@Shape repository)


Thank you—I can’t wait to dive into this plugin! Your preview video was more than enough to get me excited.

Thanks, these tools are super!

hi Daniel, All,

I can see the thicken examples working, very cool! … but not the morph ones. When I open those I get this error:

missing Combine&Clean from Kangaroo 0.099, even though I have the bundled Kangaroo 2 installed. Any ideas how to fix that?

Oops, my bad, looks like I saved it with an old version of that component used.
These ones should work: (275.4 KB) (2.2 MB) (257.6 KB)


Wow absolutely amazing Daniel
I will schedule to record a video tutorial about it as soon as I can

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Hi Daniel !

This is going to be a game changer ! Can’t wait to try it.
I will give you feedback.


Daniel, this seems a lot more involved than the other examples you provided in your pdf. Was it done using only those techniques?

It’s the same definition as the ‘Skeleton_Morph’ file posted above, just with a vector moving the points from the rest cage to the deformed cage, and slider connected to a multiplier for this vector. (2.2 MB)


One more example: (19.1 KB)


@DanielPiker this is awesome, combined it with Pufferfish’s Tween Mesh, works quite fast - now I will apply to the animation team of the next Jurassic World :smiley: (2.2 MB)


And one with multiple poses using Pufferfish Tween Through Meshes with the Interpolation options for smooth (non linear) animation transitions. (2.2 MB)



and of course we need one of these: (21.9 KB)

21 Likes (17.5 KB)


Rhino 7 graphics?

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No, just Arctic mode in 6

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I mean that these should be used for Rhino 7 marketing graphics!


:joy: got it!


Is this going to work on R5 on a very old 32bit laptop or am I just getting my hopes up unnecessarily?