Netting over a complex shape


I am trying to model the mesh netting over an object that’s a bit complex of a shape. I am having trouble figuring out the best way to approach this problem.

You can see there is an opening by the hinge of the “pliers”. What I am having most trouble with is creating the base shape for the netting curves to be created on.

I have had some limited success using the Net On Srf component from Pufferfish + meshing curves with Dendro after using CageEdit on a surface, but it isn’t as close as I would like it to be, and doesn’t work so well with multiple trimmed surfaces when I have to join them together.

Here are my files for what I have done so far. (13.2 MB) (rhino file, the base geometry is slightly large in file size) (265.1 KB)

Does anyone have any suggestions?
Thank you

Try this addon

This is an example

complex (239.2 KB)
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Thank you for the suggestion. I had thought about using Fattener and tried it out but it didn’t work out the way I had hoped. I ended up using CageEdit + Net on Srf + Dendro just in a different way with some mirroring and it was successful.

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I think I understand what you mean.
wow! I didn’t know the dendo complement
I am glad that it will solve it I was also trying other methods