Simplify Geometry with to many Vertices and Faces

I´ve multiplied this geometry (with 14 Faces and 20 Vertices) with Wasp.

The Outcome (Shown on Screenshot) are Meshes but now each geometry has 84 Faces and 120 Verticies. Wich are to many because I wanted to create pipes only on the edges.
Has anyone an idea how I can simplify the Meshes that they only have 14 faces and 20 vertices again?

Thank you!

I guess you’re looking for MergeFaces component.

Since you mention that you use Wasp I think MergeFaces is the wrong approach.
Do you feed a mesh into the Geo of Wasp or a Brep? I guess it’s a Brep and Wasp auto-meshes it.
Since you only want the edges as output just make an attribute which contains the edges and you can get the edges out after the aggregation.

Andrea Rossi explains in this video how to use attributes as geometry proxy:

Here is an example file with dodecahedrons & field aggregation which uses Daniel Pikers mesh fattener + weaverbird instead of piping.
You can find the fattener.gha here: Skeleton fattener + mesh cage morph (34.1 KB)

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That was just what I was looking for!
Thank you!

Hi @juliana.markus0612,
if you want to have custom geometry attached to your part (e.g., if you want to carry the base BRep within the mesh part), you can do so using Attributes in Wasp.
You can see a tutorial here on how to do it: