Add Mesh Morphing recipe to Rhino?

It is very useful and I use it in nx

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Something like this?

This is with the mesh cage morph component which I shared a version of here.
I’d like to make this into a Rhino command too (once I’m done with the multipipe, fuse and wrap commands!)

Can the cage be completely detached?
The meaning of each part is different?

Sorry, I don’t understand the question

The control cage mesh doesn’t have to be box-like, it doesn’t need to enclose the object, and it can even consist of multiple disjoint parts:


yes exactly I also wanted to create separate cages that could be edited
Of course, we can do this in nx if it works well in Rhino

use the cage command to create the cage and position it, then use the cage edit command and choose the cage you created as the cage object.

modify !!!



This is interesting. I was hoping to be able to transform a mesh based on a skeleton consisting of lines and not boxes. The goal is a more detailed mesh than just fattening the skeleton.


Reminds me of something from a horror movie!

One way can be to use beams as shown here

This still uses boxes, but they update automatically from the beam lines. So the lines are all you need to manipulate.
I still didn’t release the frame based deformation (like in the green dinosaur video), which skips the need to generate a cage mesh, but I’ll try and post it in some form soon.

Hello Mr. Piker
Please, can you explain me how I can work with this Mesh Morphing tool on SubD?
Im beginner in Grasshopper.
Need to deform my SubD shoelast and get new one in SubD.
Is this tool for me?
Many thanks
Michal Pavlas
3358_SubD.3dm (164.9 KB)

@shoemaker.pavlas is this the same problem like in your other post?

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