C4D Atom Array in Rhino? Wireframe into Mesh

Hi guys! Is there any command that I can use to make a wireframe or skeleton of a basic model into a mesh. For example, if I have a pyramid, I would like to have just the wireframe into a mesh.

C4D has a cool Atom Array Object that can transform any mesh into it’s wireframe. The Atom Array has nothing to do with Array in Rhino, it is just a name to have a wireframe be the mesh.

Thank you for your help!

i think you can use @DanielPiker Skeleton Fattener herefor

for simple stuff you can also use pipe on all wires at the same time, the outcome would be very similar to C4D´s approach. but that will not result in a solid mesh just as in C4D.

Welcome @rick.drako,

Or simply like this. No plugins required! :wink:

If you want mesh geometry for the “atomic array” structure, simply swap the Sph (Sphere) and Pipe (Pipe) components with their mesh equivalents.

Screenshot 2020-06-04 at 20.28.44

atom_array.gh (5.3 KB)

or like this, no grasshopper required :wink: might be a handful without grasshopper if its a more complex wire but whatever

use pipe then place spheres with the same radius on the ends similar to piratesboys approach and use boolean

Thank you very much! I do have Grasshopper and I am trying to get better at it. But I guess there is no way of doing this just in Rhino?

Thank you very much for all your respones!

This perfect for Grasshopper, since you can always adjust the radii of the spheres and pipes, much like I imagine that C4D let’s you do!

I have to move on to make everything in Grasshopper. That’s the main goal. Thanks again!

Hi Rick -

FWIW, the Rhino 7 WIP has the SubDThickenCurves command.


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Thank you so much, Wim! I will have to install Rhino 7 soon, anyways. :slight_smile:

is that Daniel’s contribution?

Yes, SubDThickenCurves (soon to be renamed to MultiPipe) is the evolution of the ‘Fatten’ component.

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Guys, this forum is awesome. Thank you so much!