NURBS surface overlap

I have deformed a NURBS surface via script according to the below picture:

Is there any way to get rid of the overlap as shown in the picture without messing up the integrity of the surface? Thank you in advance for any response!

Hi, you could try another display option; such as Arctic or shaded. Other than that you would have to try and trim it away ( therefore ruining the surface integrity) the parts you don’t want to see.—-Mark

Is there a way to convert this NURBS surface to a Mesh and then find and delete the overlap?

in nurbs you will need to cut the surfaces and make a blendSrf or something like that. I don’t know in meshes
I made a SD character some time ago where I show this kind of situation:

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How did you make those nice clean cuts?

can you be more specific? have you see the part one?

In the picture I have posted the leg is all one NURBS surface, how can make a nice clean cut at the level of the knee so I can manipulate both pieces into a kneeling position and then use the blend surface command?

something like this I guess:

if the cut is not complete, I mean if you left the knee clean, you can use Sweep 2 adding some BlendCrv between edges If you upload the leg I can make a quick video testing it.

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Here is the file with the leg, thank you for your patience and help!

only by moving the control points vertically
activate control points F10
select control points to move
Use the SetPt command.
I’ve taken the time to sort the finals a little :sweat_smile:

LeftLeg_Test_OK.3dm (453.4 KB)

Luck and pulse…


Thank you vikthor! This was extremely helpful. My original plan was to try and script these movements but I think its becoming clear that manual manipulation and a bit of luck are my only options for this kind of thing.

maybe grasshopper, kangaroo. meshes (maybe even nurbs) and some collision detection might work. check out @DanielPiker magic on the forum. maybe he has time to chime in

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You could use the mesh cage morpher from here:

Using the cage morph lets you to use a much simpler mesh to make the deformation instead of moving all the control points yourself.
You can even make this cage automatically using the ‘skeleton fattener’ component, then all you need to move to make the deformation are the points of a polyline like this:
cancan00000 (93.4 KB)


This looks like a wonderful solution to my problem! Thank you so much for your response! Unfortunately I am getting this error when I try to run this:

Any thoughts on how to fix this?

Did you install the .gha file from the link in my post above?