Skeleton fattener + mesh cage morph


Blimey, it works!


Is arctic mode also causing the iso-curves to be displayed like that or are you using some sort of t-splines?

(Daniel Piker) #23

Ah yes, I changed some of the settings for Arctic in the display mode options - turning mesh wires on, and switching color & material usage to Rendering material. They are Rhino 6 subd objects - no t-splines involved.


Gotcha, so I assume you’re doing the technique where you have to type the entire subd command in to get it to work.

(Daniel Piker) #25

Sort of, I made a button with a macro because I got tired of typing it so often.


Nice…is this easy to do?

(Daniel Piker) #27

Yes - just right click an empty bit of the toolbar you want to add the button to, Edit Button>New,
Give it a name, and an icon, and in Command put:

(Souderdesign) #28

So excited! Thanks Piker!!!


fun fun fun! well done Daniel!


i just woke up and saw this… BOOM

(Giansbatta) #31

Beautiful work Daniel you are my hero!!


Good work !