How to createorganic forms

Hey there. I would have a question about this organic shape.

I tried to make it with voronoi pattern and weaverbird, but failed. If anybody has an idea how to create organic forms like this one. Would be nice to let me know. :slight_smile:


You were on the right track with the Vornoi pattern.

You can achieve this by intersecting three-dimensional Vornoi cells with a brep, surface, or mesh - in this case a torus - to get the base curves.
The tricky part is then to get rid of the duplicate curves, produced by the Vornoi cell adjacencies. I resolved this with a quick and dirty GHPython script that goes through all the curves and deletes duplicates with matching end points.

You now have a clean curve network that you can use MP (MultiPipe) in Rhino 7 or F (Fatten) in Rhino 6 on to thickened it.

The definition is a little slow, but I managed to produce the above example in about half a minute with 500 seed points for the 3D Vornoi. Patience is key here. (116.8 KB)

to me it looks like scaled from edges of a dual mesh… (11.3 KB)

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Gives you only mainly hexagonal cells though. :wink:

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Thank you two a lot I ll try your suggestions. Very kind from you. Have a nice day. :grinning: